Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: A Mother for the Oracle

Season 3: Episode 22

Reah’s entire body continues to shine as the crew sails out into the bottomless pit with the stollen ship from the King and Ygraine’s ship side by side. She lights up the darkness and her eyes shine like twin suns, she is beautiful and terrible to look at and she can feel the power burnings inside her like fire she cannot contain. Flowers and vines grow from the ground she stands on and cover the ship’s deck. When she tries to use her powers to heal Alonzo, not only is he healed but his shirt disintegrates from where she touched him. Alonzo of course uses this to try to flirt with the two female troops in Tristan’s squad, and they are charmed by his sense of humor, though mainly distracted by the spectacle of Reah, as her clothes burn away as well, leaving only her magnificent form shining as if made of light.

The Oracle speaks to Fred and tells him to touch her stone to Reah’s skin, which he does, and this allows her to stabilize Reah’s power. Slowly the glowing begins to dim down to a more bearable level, and as Reah’s skin returns to normal she causes a gown of leaves and flowers to grow over her form so that she isn’t left naked. The Oracle informs Fred that the essence of the planet is highly unstable and could cause Reah herself to disintegrate if she uses the power again.

The crew bring the ships up out of the Pit into a wilderness dreamscape under a myriad rainbow colored stars. Fred is able to locate a Silver Path, which leads them out of the Far Dreaming, and from here he is able to follow his charts to find a trod heading back towards the Duchy of Chesapeake. Because it is a long journey the crew takes shifts driving the ship and standing on watch, and Alonzo uses the opportunity to search the ship for plunder. He finds some fancy new clothes and weapons to wear, as well as some potential useful information about the king’s troops, and finally locates a safe which he fails to open. Tristan and Chief try to open the safe as well but can’t do it with brute force alone. Finally Reah forces it open using her vines, inside is gold and precious stones along with some dross, which Alonzo shares with the others. Alonzo also takes the opportunity to try to get back on everyone’s good side and make a few new friends, such as Tristan.

When it is Fred’s turn to sleep he sees the Oracle in a dream. She comes to him in the form of a mysteriously beautiful woman and has him swear to protect her. She then instructs him that in order for her to help them restore balance to the Dreaming and undo the damage that Meilge and Galamord are doing she needs to take physical form and in order to do that she will need Reah’s power to create a living body for her, and a volunteer (preferably female) to provide a womb for her to grow in. When Fred relays this information to the group Reah is shocked, but Blodwen quickly volunteers herself to be the Oracle’s surrogate mother, feeling it is the best way for her to contribute to the cause since she isn’t a fighter.

The Oracle says they will need to find a more opportune place to do the ritual of giving her her life, but Tristan says they need to stow their prisoners and then report to the Queen. Tristan recommends they take the prisoners to Chesapeake House, so they land their ships on the edge of the haunted property and Tristan’s troops bring the captured crew of the king’s ship bound and blindfolded out of the hold and across the yard. Shadowy creatures begin to close in on them in the dark but Tristan calls on the Duchess and her ghost appears and guides them to her chambers. Tristan informs the prisoners that they will be safe as long as they don’t leave the Duchess’ chambers or try to escape. They then turn their ships towards Baltimore where they find a trod back into the real world near the abandoned theater where the Queen and her troops are hiding.

The crew leaves Sally and Cassandra with the ships but bring Baron Lackland ap Ailil with them, as he promises that his conversion is real and Tristan is able to see that it is true. When they arrive in Queen Lenore’s under ground base for the Resistance Alonzo shares some fine wine he stole from King Galamord’s ship and everyone celebrates the success of the crew. The Queen and Danwyn consider trying to use Reah’s power against Meilge, but Chief convinces them that the Oracle would be more useful to them alive and in person, for the wisdom she can offer is better than the power of the planetary essence. Queen Lenore agrees to follow the Oracle’s instructions and allow Reah to transfer all her power to the Oracle rather than try to use it herself against the usurper king.


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