Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: A Spectacular Escape

Season 3: Episode 21

Once the alarm goes off Chief goes straight the the cannons, and aided by Tristan and Reah, who increase the heat and combustibility of the cannon balls he opens fire on the other enemy airship, and it immediately bursts into flames in an enormous explosion. As the airship takes off guards fire enormous bolts into the airship from mounted crossbows, causing it to immediately lose altitude. Blodwen takes out one of the mounted crossbows by shrinking it and Reah calls up an air elemental to attack the others. The enemies summon an air elemental of their own to fight Reah’s and the elementals battle one another until both are spent.Two flame throwering guards attempt to light the ship on fire from their posts on the cannon walls, but chief and Tristan fire on them, sending them dodging for cover while Alonzo also muddles their senses, throwing off their aim.

Reah creates an enormous oaken shield to go around the blimp envelope so that the ship ceases losing altitude, but just when it seems they are home free enemy soldiers swing onto the ship from the canyon walls and begin to attack. A group in the front fights with Reah, and although she summons up a fist of air to punch a couple of them off the ship the rest continue fighting and manage to get a few small hits on her. Alonzo attempts to manipulate the emotions of the soldiers to throw them off, while Tristan and his squad of freedom fighters defend Fred while he pilots the ship. Blodwen puts in a distress signal to Ygraine, and Chief comes up from the hold and begins messing with time, throwing many of the guards into a temporal flux where they perceive everything as happening more quickly and are unable to react effectively.

As the guards continue to fight Alonzo taunts one group until they are enraged, but they are moving so slowly thanks to Chief, that their anger only makes them easier for him to disarm. Blodwen uses transformations to aid her friends in combat, giving chief claws and Reah natural armor, like an armadillo’s skin, she also gives one of the enemy combatants the head of an ass, which distracts him and his comrades. Alonzo finally convinces the enemies in the middle of the ship to surrender, given that they have no weapons, Chief tears into the group at the back of the ship with his new claws, while Tristan moves to the bow to assist Reah with the gang she has been fighting single-handedly all this time.

Just when it seems the Resistance fighters are getting the upper hand Baron Lackland leaps aboard and catches Sally with his sword at her throat. He commands the others not to resist and they are forced to drop their weapons due to the mind-control of his Sovereign art. The Baron points his sword at Alonzo, and threatens to kill him if they don’t immediately hand over the essence. Alonzo stalls Baron Lackland by asking him how he found his way out of the Dreaming when he left the trod during their ambush back outside Revel Grove. The Baron responds by monologuing about his brilliant tactics for finding his way back to a trod and while the Baron is distracted Volf, who is still below deck, uses Saining to find out the Baron’s true name and alter his nature to make him favorable toward the Resistance.

Alonzo then tries to say something friendly to the Baron to confuse him, but to everyone’s surprise the Baron smiles at Alonzo and thanks him for his kindness. He proceeds to put down his sword, release them from their bondage to him and confess he doesn’t know why he was fighting them. He declares his loyalty to Princess Lenore and asks everyone to forgive him. The Baron’s guards, however, aren’t too happy, especially that ones that Alonzo made unthinkingly furious. They attack Alonzo, and when they knock him over the planetary essence that was in his pocket is knocked to the group where it shatters at Reah’s feet sending and billowing purple smoke out around her, which twists around her like a small cyclone and then is absorbed into her.

Reah can feel a burning power coursing through her unlike any she has ever felt before, her skin begins to glow and her eyes shine with a burning white flame. Her hair raises up in the air some, with light shining out of every strand. She, and everyone else stands still for a long moment, stunned by her sudden transformation. The enemy combatants realize she could finish them and decide to take out Alonzo while they can. The Baron tries to pull them off of him but they won’t listen. Reah tries to push the enemies away from Alonzo with some wind, but ends up pushing every person on board into a pile at the back of the ship. Alonzo then convinces the enemies that if they surrender he’ll make sure Reah doesn’t harm them, and out of self-preservation they do.

Finally Ygraine arrives and seeing that everything is in hand turns her ship around and follows them out into the open air of the bottomless chasm. Alonzo and the Resistance fighters tie up the Baron’s former men but the Baron doesn’t know what to about Reah. Alonzo convinces him to stop worrying about Reah and show him where the alcohol is on the vessel.


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