Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: A Tricky Situation

Season 3: Episode 20

With Alonzo and Celia imprisoned the rest of the group is locked in a barracks with two redcap guards. The group puts their heads together to try to hatch a plan to get past the guards and Chief suggests they could try to get on the guards good side by asking them to play a game of cards and offering them some marijuana that Stefani has on her. The satyrs in the group, Volf, Blodwen, and Stefani approve of this plan, though Blodwen says she’d like to have Reah just make the ground swallow them up. They all join in to try to make sure the guards have a good time, employing their Gift of Pan, to make it almost impossible for the guards to resist joining in.

Volf asks the guards their names, which they say are Brok and Fang. Stefani asks them if they’d like to play, and offers them the cards and the marijuana. They start to roll the first joint and Volf tries to put a rune on it to make it more effective, but the guards tell him to stop. Stefani, though, with her winning smile and considerable bust, quickly wins them over. Pretty soon the guards are both a little high and when Stefani asks them to let her out for a bit they can hardly refuse. She requests that Reah accompany her because she wouldn’t feel safe in the tunnels alone and they allow it.

Unnoticed by any guards outside Reah and Stefani slip down the steps outside the barracks and down to the drilling platform, then they make their way over to the tunnel leading down towards the dungeon (into which they had seen Tristan taken earlier). At the bottom of the winding ramp is a corridor with metal doors at the far end, guarded by two large, mean-looking guards. Reah and Stefani remain hidden at the lasts curve at the bottom of the ramp but aren’t sure how to proceed. The metal doors suddenly open and King Galamord himself comes out accompanied by two knights. The King practically runs into the two women and asks them what they are doing.

Stefani does her best to try to stay on the King’s good said, telling him that she got lost looking for the restroom. He asks her if she was part of the group that came with so-called King’s Hand, and she answers truthfully that she is. The King finds the two women attractive and assumes they are innocent, so when he asks Stefani how they came to be with the King’s Hand he believes her when she says they were duped. He apologizes to the ladies and sends one of his knights to escort them back to their barracks, promising them food in the morning and transportation out of the Dreaming back to their freehold.


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