Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: Deception in the Sky

Season 3, Episode 14

The crew embark into the dreaming on Ygraine’s ship. Ygraine works on a distraction for the enemy force when they arrive, sewing large pieces of cloth together. She asks the others to work up something to help the illusion. Reah succeeds in conjuring up some warm wind to help the balloons float.

They arrive at the Oracle Mountain and find that the king’s forces are besieging the Tor, surrounding it with two airships firing upon the hilltop, and the Resistance fighters on the hilltop firing back at it as well. Ygraine creates copies of their ship to make their force appear larger and the king’s ships approach, commanding that their fleet pull back.

Alonzo uses some Chicanery and deception to speak back to the king’s men using a microphone mounted on one of the fake airships. He claims to be the King’s Hand and says that has come to route out double agents and traitors that are among the troops. The captain of the enemy ship commands the fake ships to halt until he has spoken with their commander, but Reah creates a gust of wind that sends the illusory fleet crashing into the two enemy ships. The enemies open fire, and a couples of Ygraine’s creations are engulfed in flames and crash to the ground. A few of the fake ships do get up among the enemy ships, though, and Reah summons up fog to lower their visibility. Alonzo then casts fuddle on the entire crew of one of the enemy airships to make them believe they that their counterpart is actually their enemy, and they subsequently open fire on their own comrades. The second enemy ship tries to convince the first that they are not enemies, but since their pleas fall on deaf ears they conclude that the ship must be manned by traitors and spies, so they open fire as well.

While both enemy ships fight each other, the Skysloop sails by non-challantly, made invisible by Alonzo mischief magic. As they sail over the heads of the enemy encampment Alonzo pulls the lever to empty the ship’s latrines on them. The enemy soldiers open fire in the direction that the disgusting rain had fallen, however they barely miss, thanks to Reah’s stirred air. The ship then sails smoothly up between two tall standing stones on top of Oracle Hill.

Alonzo is the first to step out of the ship and he is greeted by a small group of Resistance fighters pointing their weapons at him. A black centaur demands to know who he is. Alonzo explains that he and his group caused the enemy airships to attack each other. Sir Tristan, the captain of the Resistance fighters steps forward and asks Reah, who is standing at Alonzo’s side, who sent them and why they have come. Alonzo explains that they were sent by the princess to deliver something and they were to expect payment. Ygraine holds up the purple crystal and says they were to bring this, but they are not expecting payment, contrary to what Alonzo said. Tristan then thanks them all and informs them that he had nearly given up hope that he and his men would be rescued until he saw the arrival of Ygraine’s crew in a dream.


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