Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: In the Hall of the Dragon King

Season 3: Episode 28

Seeing Galamord Blodwen immediately recognize that he was an advisor to Queen Mab when she had been the queen’s handmaid and that he was the one who murdered the queen. Galamord attempts to seduce Blodwen, promising to protect her and her friends from King Meilge and even protect Lenore if Blodwen will bring his dragons to life. She claims that she doesn’t know what Galamord is talking about, that she has no special powers, so he confines her and Reah to separate towers until morning when the effect wears off. Blodwen is brought out again and Galamord demands that she cooperate or he will kill her and Reah. He tries to strike Reah down but Reah coats herself in ice armor and then Blodwen turns Galamord into a donkey. Arawn then has Blodwen held down and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t change the king back, she refuses so he slits her throat.

The crew arrive just in time to see Blodwen get her throat cut, since Ygraine and Fred had gone back down to the get the others when they first discovered where their captured friends were at. The group knocked out the guards in the mess hall and hurried up but couldn’t get there in time to stop Arawn’s knife. They proceed with Chief’s plan, however, and the troll steps out into the throne room calls out to the guards to distract them. He then signals Fred to shoot the king and throws the grenade Fred gave him at the ceiling simultaneously, causing rocks to fall on everyone in the throne room. Chief uses dream-time to get the ladies out of the room before they are hit by rocks, but when the dreamtime wears off a group of guards stabs him in the gut.

In the corridor outside the throne room Reah manages to heal Blodwen’s neck while the others fight off the enemy guards in the doorway. When Blodwen regains consciousness she rises with Reah’s help but then calls forth the planetary power to give her strength. The use of her power will cause Blodwen to feel hot, and her skin even glows, even her clothes burn away, and she walks forward and points at the guards. Beams of light shot from her fingertips and hit the guards, shrinking them to the size of tiny toys. She realizes she is naked, though and asks for something to cover up with, so Ygraine gives her her coat. Blodwen isn’t done, however, and she steps into the room, deflecting rocks as if they were nothing. She grabs the king, still in doney form, and drags him back to the others, then she retrieves the dragon eggs. By this time her coat has burnt away and she is naked once more.

Guards are heard coming up from down below, and Alonzo warns them not to come up the staires because a dragon has attacked. They stop and begin asking questions but Blodwen makes a dragon noise that makes them turn around and go somewhere else. The crew must now decide where to go next.


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