Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: Springtime for the Resistance

Season 3, Episode 12

After rescuing over a dozen changelings from the King’s Tax Collectors Ygraine’s crew brings the refugees to an old waterfront farm owned by Duke Maelgwyn’s family over on the Eastern Shore. The farmhouse has six bedrooms with a large screened in porch, a brick patio, and a balcony looking out across the field to the river. There is a pool, and a barn, as well as a garage in a separate building from the house with an apartment over it where Ygraine stays. There is also a dock on the river where Alonzo docks his sailboat. The grounds have not been well kept, so the changelings set about getting things in order.

Reah requested that the Duke station her here with the refugees and she has been working to train them into fighters for the Resistance. She has also been leading out in reclaiming the grounds and planting a large garden. Chief directs the house and ensures everyone has a job to do, he also assists in the training the new troops. Alonzo has been doing a lot of fishing. Ygraine has been working at a mechanic shop in town to make some money. Winter has turned to spring while the changelings have been adjusting to their new situation.

One morning Annabelle arrives in her beat up old van and tells Ygraine and her crew they have been invited to the Resistance headquarters in Baltimore. Alonze is forced to leave Bwak, his pet basilisk behind (though not for lack of trying), and they all pile into Annabelle’s van. Annabelle leads them to an abandoned theater in downtown Baltimore and takes them down into its basement then to the sub basement, then down into an underground lake below the basement. She takes them in a skiff across the water under the basement until she comes to a little door, inside which is the barracks of the Resistance elite guard.

Alonzo gets to know members of the guard while Annabelle informs High Command that they have arrived. She returns a few minutes late to escort the group into a back room to meet with the general of the Resistance.


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