Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: The Belly of the Beast

Season 3: Episode 27

Chief, Volf, Lenore and Lackland manage to pilot the King’s captured airships through the Dreaming while Sally tends to the wounded Alonzo in the King’s quarters. It is decided that they should make for the safe-house that had been established at Duke Maelgwyn old family farm. They leave the crew of the King’s ship at the site of the attack to await the appearance of their fellw crewmates in a week’s time. Meanwhile Fred goes into a trance in the hold of the Skysloop, using Blodwen’s personal items to track her to the dragon’s lair where she is being held by King Galamord. Through his connection with Blodwen the Oracle is also able to speak with him and warns him that he should not attempt to rescue her alone, he must reunite with his friend’s first at the Duke’s farm. When Fred awakens he fills Ygraine in on this and they head back across the Bay.

The Skysloop arrives at the trod outside Summerset Farm in time to see the enemy airship they had stolen in the mines approaching with another of the king’s airships escorting it. Fearing the worst Ygraine sends a message via her little mechanical beetle to the refugees on the farm warning them that the King’s airship is approaching. She then decides to run her ship at the enemy, pull aside at the last minute, and lead them for a wild chase to distract them. As they draw close, however, they see the Princess on the deck and she calls to them and lets them know everything is alright. They park the airships in the Dreaming and then carry Alonzo out and to the farm house.

A young boggan nurse works together with Sally to stabilize Alonzo’s wounds, and Chief helps them by slowing down time on Alonzo. Eventually they manage to get Alonzo patched up enough that he can begin to recover. He wakes up awhile later and the Princess comes in and thanks him for his sacrifice. She even agrees to make him admiral of the ships he has helped take. Ygraine and Fred also come in, and while the others don’t want Alonzo getting too involved in his state, they agree to work out their plans in his presence so he give his input. A plan is agreed upon and they spend the rest of the next day working on the most recently captured ship, preparing it for departure.

They sail a long ways through the Dreaming on Alonzo’s captured ship and Ygraine’s Skysloop. They pass over vast forests and jagged mountains until they come to a stoney, broken wilderness and in the distance an enormous black spire jutting up towards a swirling stormy sky. Ygraine gets Alonzo to help her hide her ship with his Chicanery and she stows it in a small ravine before they approach the black spire. When they arrive at the Dragon’s Keep a voice asks them their business and Alonzo claims they’ve gotten back from capturing enemies and have cargo on board that the King will need to see and only the King. Guards are sent out then to greet Alonzo and his crew as they land and to escort them to the great hall where they will receive some much needed refreshments.

While Alonzo speaks to one of the guards in the great hall, Ygraine and Fred make their way to out of the room. They are caught by the other guard but claim they need to use the restroom, and he lets them go. They search the halls for a way to get to to Blodwen and Reah. Ygraine manages to find the right path and as they go Ygraine and Fred try to avoid being seen, once resorted to a long kiss in order to get the enemy to turn away. Finally they make it to Galamord’s throne room.


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