Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: The Mines of Cthon

Season 3, Episode 17

The crew anchors the ship to the side of the chasm far enough of way from the lit up wooden catwalk built into the cliffside that they could not be spotted by the lantern light. There is some debate as to who should stay behind with the ship: Cassandra is volunteered but she does not know how to pilot the Skysloop. Fred volunteers as well, but others are concerned he might daydream on the job and be caught off guard. Eventually it is decided, against Alonzo’s wishes, that Ygraine will stay behind and the others will take a flare gun with them to signal when they need her to bring it around and pick up. As a backup they take their farnsworth devices as well.

As the crew are making their way along a narrow ledge in the darkness from their ship to the wooden walkway a short way off they struggle to maintain their footing, only Alonzo with his fleet fox’s feet making it across with now problem. Fred nearly falls but is saved by the climbing equipment he keeps and a confidence boost from Alonzo’s Chicanery cantrip. Even Reah nearly falls but manages to save herself by quickly summoning an updraft of wind that blows not only her, but Blodwen and Celia back onto the ledge. The updraft misses Chief, however, who nearly tumbles into the abyss but is saved only by his Incredulity. Assuring himself that this is only a dream he imagines the ledge larger than it originally was the ledge does indeed appear to become larger. However, the backlash from the Dreaming at this used of Incredulity is nearly instantaneous: there is a rumbling from deep within the chasm, the wall shakes, and a number of large rocks dislodge themselves from the cliff and plummet down towards Chief. One perfectly aimed stone hits Chief square in the back, bruising him badly.

When the group arrives beneath the catwalk they decide to deceive the guard with the King’s Hand bit. Cassandra whips up a dark disguise for Alonso using her black cloak and her Umbration cantrips to give him a shadow body. Boldwen pitches in by giving him a deep, raspy, Batman voice. Stepping up onto the ledge Alonzo assures the guard that he is the King’s Hand on an important mission. The guard believes Alonzo with little help from Celia, a member of the king’s house. Alonzo explains that he and Celia are transporting prisoners and casts a spell on the guard so that when the others come up on the deck they appear to be bound in chains. The guard agrees to take Alonzo and his prisoners to his superior officer, speaking to him along the way in order to frighten him further.

When the group comes upon another group of prisoners Alonzo has them stop and question the second group’s guard, then he opens a one of the prisoner’s sacks and finds that is fall of rocks lasted with sparkling silvery dreamstuff so dense it can be taken into the real world and used as dross. While Celia distracts the guards Alonzo pockets a couple handfuls of dross. Alonzo then tells the second group they can proceed and the first guard tells the prisoners to move it. The guard informs Alonzo’s crew that the captain’s headquarters are up ahead.


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