Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: The Sacred Isle

Season 3: Episode 23

The Oracle instructs Fred to bring her to a sacred island in the middle of the Dreaming in order to perform the ritual that will give her life. Queen Lenore offers to send some of her troops with Fred and Ygraine’s crew and Tristan volunteers to accompany them. Suddenly enemy soldiers begin to appear around the underground common room, concentrated at the entrance. There are scores of them, all holding swords, spears and other bladed weapons and wearing assorted kinds of spiky and sharp-looking black armor. The ambushers immediately attack the Resistance members, catching most of them off guard and many are slaughtered before they can even begin to fight back. Tristan and his squadron as well as Ygraine’s crew are able to fight back, at least, since they have only just arrived and have been traveling with their weapons and armor. Fred uses his Tesla gun to zap any attackers that get close to him and his friends, then Reah does some Elsa-style gestures and creates an ice wall that covers their escape to the back of the room. At the back of the room the Queen’s remaining fighters regroup and withdraw through the back door to the Queen’s office and quarters while Tristan holds back attackers with his sword and Ygraine tosses gears and other assorted widgets she has on her. Reah considers using the power of the essence on the enemy attackers but she fears what that would do to her.

With the door closed behind them the Queen Lenore tells her people they need to get out of here before the enemy begins teleporting in. One of her soldiers versed in Wayfare opens a portal into the Dreaming and sends Fred with the Oracle and Blodwen, as well as Reah and the essence she carries inside her into the dark tunnels that comprise the Dreaming’s reflection of the underground passageway they are in. Once Ygraine’s crew are through Lenore leads her troops into the portal as well, but the portal closes before her troops, including Tristan and Danwyn, can follow. The Queen at first wants to wait for her soldiers, but Blodwen convinces her that she must escape for the good of her people and that her soldiers will find her if they are able to escape.

Ygraine uses her compass to navigate the labyrinthine tunnels and get the group back up to the surface where the Dreaming’s reflection of Baltimore stands: a fantastic, Gothic-Victorian town full of strange goblinoid creatures. Queen Lenore suggests they split up so that if they are followed again and one group is captured the other will escape to fight on and hopefully rescue the ones that have been taken. Alonzo takes Queen Lenore on his stolen ship, the one they feel most likely to be pursued, along with Volf, Chief, Stephanie, Lady Celia, Baron Lackland, and Sally. Meanwhile Ygraine takes Reah, Fred and Blodwen in the Skysloop on a journey to the sacred island the Oracle had spoken of.

The Skysloop follows the Oracle’s directions into the sky, rising higher and higher until the stars form a sea beneath them. They sail for some days until they come to a lone mystical island floating in the air above the water with a grove of ancient oaks growing atop it. The Oracle explains that the wyrd energies forming a nexus at this island will focus and intensify the power that Reah will be transferring into her. Ygraine stays with the ship and the others disembark onto the quiet island that thrums with mysterious energy. Following the Oracle’s directions to the center of the tree grove they find another stone circle like the ones seen in England and Ireland. Fred relays the Oracle’s instructs for Blodwen to lay down in the soft bed of moss in the center of the stone circle and to expose her navel. This is a little awkward for Blodwen because she is wearing a dress so she is forced to pull it up and expose her entire lower body, but she bravely does her duty and prepares herself as instructed. Fred then sits next to Blodwen and holds the Oracle stone above Blodwen’s naval. He tells Reah that she must place her hand atop the stone and release her power.

Reah touches the stone and the stone touches Blodwen’s belly, conducting the power as Reah unleashes it. As Reah feels the energy flow through her the wind in the branches picks up and quickly grows to near hurricane strength with dark clouds and lighting breaking out overhead. The plants, vines and trees around them start growing at alarming rates as well. All of this is quite frightening to to Blodwen, who lies exposed in the clearing and can feel the energy of the storm coursing into her. Suddenly Reah feels a blade pressed against her neck and the others see a handsome sidhe with red eyes, red hair and enormous black wings behind her. He tells Reah that he is taking her, but she feels the power within her urging her to use it against this attacker. She gives in to the urge and unleashes a gust of wind so strong that it sends her attacker sailing through the air and thumping against a tree trunk. The power then begins to burn through Reah’s skin, disintegrating her clothes and transforming her into a body of light and heat. The power burns Blodwen’s belly pretty badly as the remaining energies finally sink into her, but the transference is soon complete and though the burn hurts her she can feel a exciting sensation of power coursing through her entire body, exciting her and daring her to use it. With the essence gone from her Reah’s body returns to normal though her clothes are still gone and only her sword remains.

Reah doesn’t waste time trying to cover up but stands and walks towards her would-be kidnapper, imposing in her confidence and superhuman beauty, and asks him who he is and why he wants to take her. The man claims his name is Arawn, but he uses Chicanery to create the illusion of footsteps coming up behind Reah. In the instant that she is distracted the servant of King Meilge leaps at Reah, grabs her arm and teleports away with her, leaving Fred and Blodwen alone in the clearing.


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