Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: The Trap is Set

Season 3: Episode 25

Sally talks to Chief and thanks him for helping her. She says that traveling with their group has given her a wider perspective on the world and she wants to help Princess Lenore, she just feels there isn’t much that she can do for them, all she knows is alchemy, she can’t even remember anything about the real world, she’s been in the Dreaming so long. Chief tells her to pay attention to what’s going on around her and she’ll find something she can do to help. She decides to use Alonzo’s Scotch to brew a potion with Chief’s Dreamtime cantrip contained in it.

They bring the airship to rest in a little ravine surrounded by the trees and the ruins of someone’s dream castle. Chief sets traps around the ship and on the deck, while Volf renames the ship “Trap Ship” in order to enhance its traps. Lenore and Baron Lackland find some high ground near the ship from which they can ambush their attackers.

When Reah is brought to revive the eggs her hesitance causes Galamord realizes his mistake and he calls Arawn to explain what is going on. Arawn informs Galamord that there was another girl there and Lady Reah had been doing some kind ritual with her. He explains that he snuck aboard the ship when the rest of Galamord’s men were ambushing the Resistance lair and he says he could teleport back to the ship and get the other woman and Galamord tells him to go ahead but that Reah will also go back with him and help bring the other woman. Galamord then brings Tristan out in chains and tells Reah he will be watching her through an amulet which he gives her to wear around her neck, and if she does anything other than help Arawn he will kill Tristan. Tristan tells Reah not to do what Galamord says but the guards pull Tristan away. Galamord gives Reah a potion to alter her appearance and tells her to be back with the other woman by sunset or Tristan will die. Reah and Arawn arrive in the hold of the Skysloop and hear hoofs up on the deck.


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