Cassandra is a violinist at the Rennfest. She is thirty five but only looks twenty four due to spending much of her life since her Chrysalis in the Dreaming playing for the chimera and the odd wandering True Fae. Four years ago Cassandra became the guardian of a friend’s fourteen year old child, Athena, another gifted violinist.
Athena is now eighteen and plays the violin at the Rennfest with Cassandra where they do a dueling violins bit.


Phase 1 – Your Story: Never Again!

Athena went off to get something but after not returning in a few minutes Cassandra began to worry and went to find her. She arrived just in time to see Athena being dragged away, fighting tooth and nail the entire time. Athena’s mother was killed after rogue changelings had used Rhapsody on her. The changeling taking Athena looks a lot like a changeling that she thought she had seen hanging around Athena’s mother right before she was taken and killed. Obviously this changeling is a serial Rhapsody user, who must be stopped. Cassandra knew she only had a short time to track her ward down before her creativity would be shattered and her life destroyed by the experience of rhapsody.

Unknown to Cassandra, Athena has been taken by a group of changelings led by a Leanhaun Sidhe from out of town who tend to use artists pain and suffering, often by taking the children of earlier victims.

Phase 2 – Ygraine’s part in my story
Aspect – Weather eye open (Ygraine)

The two changelings who are taking Athena, drag her to the portal to the Dreaming. Reah is on guard there and they knock her down. Reah and Cassandra chase after them into the Dreaming. Ygraine is up in the sky in her airship and she notices what’s happening down at the portal. She realizes that Reah and Cassandra can’t see where the kidnappers have gone, but she does. She immediately comes down and helps them chase them down.

Phase 3 – Reah’s part in my story
Aspect – Not just a pretty face. (Reah)

Reah really shines here and manages to take down one of the kidnappers. Realizing how outnumbered he is the changeling drops hold of Athena and flees into the Dreaming.


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