Celia De Fer


Tall and beautiful with sun kissed skin, and slender, pointed ears protruding from her pitch-black raven hair, which takes on a sheen of purple when viewed in the light of the setting sun. Her eyes are an impossible shade of blue, glistening as the south seas, and her gaze looks as though it could cut a person through with just a glance. Light elven tattoos mark her face, with the mark of sacred branches. She dresses in sleek, fashionable, sometimes almost military-esque pants suits.


Lana Estela Bates life was pretty average. She grew up with four brothers, one dog, two cats and parents who loved each other…..well, until they didn’t at least. With a full scholarship to Maryland university’s theater and performance studies program and graduating at the top of her class, yes, you really could say her life was normal. So you can understand why her life is a bit unusual now that her body has been occupied by a sidhe and has gone missing.

Meet Celia De Ghyslain, formal title Lady Celia De Fer and Madame de fer to those close to her, whose life was nothing short of extraordinary in Arcadia. A noble of moderate standing among the seelie courts, Celia was no stranger to her role as an highborn lady and rightful ruler over lesser fea. Though she saw herself as other sidhe see themselves, madame da fer was a bit different from the rest after a while. Over years and centuries of noble supremacy and how she and other highborns acted towards the commoners, she sought to change herself and other sidhe ways of thinking. And in doing so, she quickly earned a reputation among both the sihe and the lower kiths as a compassionate and just ruler as well as a reputation as a troublemaker. In the end, maybe this is why she finds herself in the mundane world of the humans.

Phase One – My first adventure.
Aspect – Irresistible Talent
Though lady Celia greatly misses the fea world and all it’s finery, she has decided to make the best of her life now. Leaving behind the human known as ‘Lana’’s family and friends without notice, she has move to the Duchy of Chesapeake to strike up a deal with Duke Maelgwyn. When he saw her theatrical skills he immediately gave her a lead in the next upcoming play at the Faire. She was such a hit she has continued to star in many of plays since, and has begun to direct. After two years she has been put in charge of theatrical productions at the Faire and has promised to help to protect all who come to the Faire in return.

Phase Two -
Aspect – Hair Full of Secrets (That’s why it’s so big)

Phase Three -
Aspect -

Celia De Fer

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