Big. Whether you talk about his height, muscles or personality, that is the only word that comes to mind. At 6’2 and 230 lbs. of muscle he can be more than a bit intimidating. While he normally keeps his face clean shaven according to Navy Regs, he always grows his mustache once his ship is underway.


Honor, Courage, Commitment. They weren’t taglines for the man that would one day be called Chief. They were a way of life. A Navy man since he left High School, he hadn’t known much else. He started out as an Ordnanceman, then became a CB “Sea-bee” after making First Class Petty Officer. He’d come to the point that he was tired of blowing things up, destruction. He wanted to build.

Phase One – My first adventure.
Aspect – Honor, Courage, Commitment.
After Ten years as a Chief among the Sea-Bees, Chief had seen it all. He’d done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Bahrain. He’d picked up languages and found his way to get the job done where ever he was stationed. He was on the cusp of retirement. Then he came across IT. He was in Libya, helping the recovery efforts when his men came across something that was keeping them from settling the foundation to one of the buildings they were constructing. Some excavation showed that they’d stumbled upon some sort of ancient site. He SHOULD have perhaps messaged his higher ups but something inside was calling to him. He had some of his men crack open the doors to the sepulcher and they went inside. He wont talk about the ancient sigils that were scrawled on the outside, nor about the profane script that was on the walls inside. It is definitely pointless to ask him about what was sealed inside. Yet he got his men out, lived up to the concept of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, and went through his Chrysalis while he was inside. Today Chief is seen as the go to. The guy to figure out how to get the job done and save your behind while doing it.

Phase Two – Alchemy
Aspect -
Ygraine meets with him at the local pub telling him she has a mission to deliver featherwood to a place called Aballon in the far dreaming the next day. The mission itself seems pretty straightforward, but Ygraine intimates that her pilot, Fred, informed her that there was something rotten in Aballon where they basically work changlings like slaves in the mines there. Ygraine wants Chief along just in case anything goes down over the course of the mission.

Phase Three -
Aspect -


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