Knew he was a changeling early on and always had a knack for understanding machines. Thought he was good enough to build machines as well, but after many failed inventions he resigned himself to just coming up with ideas instead. This greatly influenced his decision to become a mechanical engineer. He was able to focus his gifts to learn just about any machine or device.


First Story: Is there such a thing as Over-prepared?
When he was twelve his changeling parents took him on a camping trip shortly after his Chrysalis and in the interest of being prepared he ended up packing everything but the kitchen sink including a TV, VCR and home-made solar power generator. When the camp was attacked by a Nunnehi werebear, Fred threw a TV at his head.

Blodwen’s Part:
A young girl whose family was staying at a nearby camp site rushed forward then and called out for Fred to stop. She slowly walked forward to the werebear and soothed him. Slowly he began to calm down and turned to leave. Speaking so only the changelings present could hear he agreed to leave the campers alone as long as they left this Nunnehi territory which they were tresspassing on.

Cassandra’s Part:
Fred’s family left the campsite that night, taking a trod through the Dreaming. Unfortunately they became lost along the way in a dark and creepy realm. Searching for shelter they came upon the home of a Sluagh who invited them in, gave them hospitality for the night, and helped them get back on their way.

Helped Alonzo fight off spiders with a sawed-off shotgun.


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