A breathtaking young woman with traditional Irish looks: long wavy red hair that glistens like ruby and hides her slightly pointed ears, unnaturally intense, emerald blue-green eyes, and fair skin that has a faint ethereal sort of glow to it. She wears a flowing black cloak, black leather boots and pants, and a dark green bell sleeved shirt with delicate silver Celtic knot designs embroidered along the scoop-neck top, sleeve cuffs, and hem, black leather pants. Her sword hangs from a belt on her hips in a silver scabbard with Celtic designs on it. The graceful weightlessness of her presence, along with her radiant beauty and tall, slim yet shapely figure, command attention wherever she goes. But her most striking feature is her smile: a smile that can win or break hearts in the time it takes them to make a single beat.


Oldest of six children, she was brought up Catholic but found it too restrictive and judgmental so she left the faith as a teenager to explore Celtic spirituality and Druidism. About the same time she was possessed by a sidhe and began to focus on her position as a knight of the Seelie Court in Pittsburgh. She distanced herself from her family and boyfriend as they didn’t understand her religious choice or why she kept disappearing for hours on end saying she would go into the woods to be alone when she was off spending time with the other changelings of her freehold. Eventually she broke things off with the boyfriend and left home for good. She went to college in Philadelphia and studied photography while she became a knight of Duke Allenion’s household. When the Duke tried to make her his consort she decided it was time to go and since Duke Maelgwyn had a reputation as a worthy lord she decided to head to the Duchy of Chesapeake.

Phase One – My first adventure. costaring Alonzo & Fred
Aspect – Nature is my Sanctuary
Reah arrives in the Duchy of Chesapeake with no connections to the local freehold. She finds comfort and strength from the natural beauty of the Chesapeake region, but will need to begin forming connections in order to make headway towards her goal of becoming the freehold’s number one knight.

Phase Two – Alonzo’s Part in my Story
Aspect – Everyone’s Friend (Alonzo)
Alonzo returns from a smuggling run and notices Reah is new and a bit of a loner. Though she was initially apprehensive of spending time with a scruffy nerf herder like him, her being a princess; they bonded over their love of exploring the natural world and he agreed to help her make friends.

Phase Three – Fred’s Part in my Story
Aspect – You seem like a Decent Fellow (Davi)
When Reah finesses herself an invitation to a banquet on a cruise boat on the bay, Fred, who knows Reah through Alonso has a premonition that something will go wrong on the boat and manages to get aboard as the ship’s engineer when the usual engineer falls ill as fate would have it. When the engine breaks down Fred is able to fix it again, earning a pat on the back from the duke, who also takes notice of Reah as a result and makes her one of his guards.


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