Ygraina Skylark


A slender, petite frame, with long legs, this young artisan has a quirky beauty with her large silvery eyes, pointy little nose, angular face, and long goblin ears. She wears a short dark leather jacket with an upturned collar, which bares her midriff and buckles just beneath her bust. Oner her legs are vertically striped leggings, with a utility belt and holster that ride low on her hips, long, buckle-up platform leather boots, and fingerless leather gloves. In various places clocks, compasses and other gages to help keep her from losing her way are sewn, clipped, or otherwise attached to her clothes.


She has been in Annapolis for almost a year working at Sparks Pawn Shop, where she takes old and cast off items and reworks them into new, artistic mechanical creations that look to be of a bygone era. Rumors have it that she has an airship hidden somewhere in the Dreaming that she uses for smuggling runs in the Otherworld.

Prior to this she had grown up in a poor family in Baltimore with an abusive father. When she was fifteen she went through her Chrysalis, and ran away from home and her abusive father with a handsome Spriggan rogue she just met named Jack Rackham. Jack took her into the Dreaming seeking adventure but ended up getting her imprisoned in a nightmare realm that is a gargantuan factory where she was forced to work maintaining it’s gigantic clockwork machinations for seven years until she found a magic compass deep in the bowels of the factory that help her find her way out of it’s steam-filled brick and steel labyrinths.

Escaping from the Nightmare Factory Ygraine was picked up by an airship captain named Starbuck, commander of the Airship named Skysloop. A fellow Nocker, Starbuck saw Ygraine’s natural mechanical talent and trained her in all she needed to know to maintain the airship. Rather than return to the mortal world Ygraine spent the next decade and a half of her life in the Dreaming, exploring, seeking rare treasures and running errands with Captain Starbuck. She worked her way up to first mate in his crew.

Phase One – Your first adventure. costaring Reah & Alonzo
Aspect – The Corsair’s Compass
Captain Starbuck used Ygraine’s magic compass to lead him into the Deep Dreaming in search of the wreck of the Endeavor: the first airship ever made, piloted by the legendary Captain Hugo Ransom, which had crashed in an formerly unknown location filled with untold treasure. Unfortunately, though they found the Endeavor, they also found the creature that had destroyed it: the Cloud Kraken, with its enormous black tendrils flailing and shooting about to grab anything in the air and pull it back into the thick cumulus clouds that rumbled with thunder from within. The Adventure was immediately seized by the Kraken, which proceeded to devour the captain and began to start in on the crew.

Phase Two – Reah’s Part in my Story
Aspect – Heroic Timing (Reah)
Reah gets word of Ygraine’s ship in distress when a courier pigeon sent by Captain Starbuck prior to his death reaches her. Seeing an opportunity for her to do what knight’s do best: save people from a monster. She goes to Alonzo in need of transportation and Alanzo’s captain Blood is eager to help since this would give him a leg up in his somewhat friendly rivalry with Captain Starbuck. They set sail for the Deep Dreaming immediately little knowing the true horror of what they are about to face.

Phase Three – Alonzo’s Part in my Story
Aspect – Recognizes diamonds in the Rough (Alonzo)
When the Hawk arrives their crew find the Skysloop crashed and its crew are scattered about with some hiding in the Endeavor as the Kraken lures them out one by one and picks them off. Being a hothead Captain Blood carries out an ill-advised full frontal assault on the Kraken which results in his ship crushed in its tentacles and himself eaten. The survivors of the Hawk then join the Skysloop’s crew dodging the Kraken and hiding. Alonzo is able to spot a crucial engine part among the Hawk’s wreckage which Ygraine is able to use to patch up the Skysloop enough for them to escape, but Starbuck is lost as he stays behind to hold off the Kraken.

Ygraina Skylark

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