Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: A Mother for the Oracle
Season 3: Episode 22

Reah’s entire body continues to shine as the crew sails out into the bottomless pit with the stollen ship from the King and Ygraine’s ship side by side. She lights up the darkness and her eyes shine like twin suns, she is beautiful and terrible to look at and she can feel the power burnings inside her like fire she cannot contain. Flowers and vines grow from the ground she stands on and cover the ship’s deck. When she tries to use her powers to heal Alonzo, not only is he healed but his shirt disintegrates from where she touched him. Alonzo of course uses this to try to flirt with the two female troops in Tristan’s squad, and they are charmed by his sense of humor, though mainly distracted by the spectacle of Reah, as her clothes burn away as well, leaving only her magnificent form shining as if made of light.

The Oracle speaks to Fred and tells him to touch her stone to Reah’s skin, which he does, and this allows her to stabilize Reah’s power. Slowly the glowing begins to dim down to a more bearable level, and as Reah’s skin returns to normal she causes a gown of leaves and flowers to grow over her form so that she isn’t left naked. The Oracle informs Fred that the essence of the planet is highly unstable and could cause Reah herself to disintegrate if she uses the power again.

The crew bring the ships up out of the Pit into a wilderness dreamscape under a myriad rainbow colored stars. Fred is able to locate a Silver Path, which leads them out of the Far Dreaming, and from here he is able to follow his charts to find a trod heading back towards the Duchy of Chesapeake. Because it is a long journey the crew takes shifts driving the ship and standing on watch, and Alonzo uses the opportunity to search the ship for plunder. He finds some fancy new clothes and weapons to wear, as well as some potential useful information about the king’s troops, and finally locates a safe which he fails to open. Tristan and Chief try to open the safe as well but can’t do it with brute force alone. Finally Reah forces it open using her vines, inside is gold and precious stones along with some dross, which Alonzo shares with the others. Alonzo also takes the opportunity to try to get back on everyone’s good side and make a few new friends, such as Tristan.

When it is Fred’s turn to sleep he sees the Oracle in a dream. She comes to him in the form of a mysteriously beautiful woman and has him swear to protect her. She then instructs him that in order for her to help them restore balance to the Dreaming and undo the damage that Meilge and Galamord are doing she needs to take physical form and in order to do that she will need Reah’s power to create a living body for her, and a volunteer (preferably female) to provide a womb for her to grow in. When Fred relays this information to the group Reah is shocked, but Blodwen quickly volunteers herself to be the Oracle’s surrogate mother, feeling it is the best way for her to contribute to the cause since she isn’t a fighter.

The Oracle says they will need to find a more opportune place to do the ritual of giving her her life, but Tristan says they need to stow their prisoners and then report to the Queen. Tristan recommends they take the prisoners to Chesapeake House, so they land their ships on the edge of the haunted property and Tristan’s troops bring the captured crew of the king’s ship bound and blindfolded out of the hold and across the yard. Shadowy creatures begin to close in on them in the dark but Tristan calls on the Duchess and her ghost appears and guides them to her chambers. Tristan informs the prisoners that they will be safe as long as they don’t leave the Duchess’ chambers or try to escape. They then turn their ships towards Baltimore where they find a trod back into the real world near the abandoned theater where the Queen and her troops are hiding.

The crew leaves Sally and Cassandra with the ships but bring Baron Lackland ap Ailil with them, as he promises that his conversion is real and Tristan is able to see that it is true. When they arrive in Queen Lenore’s under ground base for the Resistance Alonzo shares some fine wine he stole from King Galamord’s ship and everyone celebrates the success of the crew. The Queen and Danwyn consider trying to use Reah’s power against Meilge, but Chief convinces them that the Oracle would be more useful to them alive and in person, for the wisdom she can offer is better than the power of the planetary essence. Queen Lenore agrees to follow the Oracle’s instructions and allow Reah to transfer all her power to the Oracle rather than try to use it herself against the usurper king.

The Lost Princess: A Spectacular Escape
Season 3: Episode 21

Once the alarm goes off Chief goes straight the the cannons, and aided by Tristan and Reah, who increase the heat and combustibility of the cannon balls he opens fire on the other enemy airship, and it immediately bursts into flames in an enormous explosion. As the airship takes off guards fire enormous bolts into the airship from mounted crossbows, causing it to immediately lose altitude. Blodwen takes out one of the mounted crossbows by shrinking it and Reah calls up an air elemental to attack the others. The enemies summon an air elemental of their own to fight Reah’s and the elementals battle one another until both are spent.Two flame throwering guards attempt to light the ship on fire from their posts on the cannon walls, but chief and Tristan fire on them, sending them dodging for cover while Alonzo also muddles their senses, throwing off their aim.

Reah creates an enormous oaken shield to go around the blimp envelope so that the ship ceases losing altitude, but just when it seems they are home free enemy soldiers swing onto the ship from the canyon walls and begin to attack. A group in the front fights with Reah, and although she summons up a fist of air to punch a couple of them off the ship the rest continue fighting and manage to get a few small hits on her. Alonzo attempts to manipulate the emotions of the soldiers to throw them off, while Tristan and his squad of freedom fighters defend Fred while he pilots the ship. Blodwen puts in a distress signal to Ygraine, and Chief comes up from the hold and begins messing with time, throwing many of the guards into a temporal flux where they perceive everything as happening more quickly and are unable to react effectively.

As the guards continue to fight Alonzo taunts one group until they are enraged, but they are moving so slowly thanks to Chief, that their anger only makes them easier for him to disarm. Blodwen uses transformations to aid her friends in combat, giving chief claws and Reah natural armor, like an armadillo’s skin, she also gives one of the enemy combatants the head of an ass, which distracts him and his comrades. Alonzo finally convinces the enemies in the middle of the ship to surrender, given that they have no weapons, Chief tears into the group at the back of the ship with his new claws, while Tristan moves to the bow to assist Reah with the gang she has been fighting single-handedly all this time.

Just when it seems the Resistance fighters are getting the upper hand Baron Lackland leaps aboard and catches Sally with his sword at her throat. He commands the others not to resist and they are forced to drop their weapons due to the mind-control of his Sovereign art. The Baron points his sword at Alonzo, and threatens to kill him if they don’t immediately hand over the essence. Alonzo stalls Baron Lackland by asking him how he found his way out of the Dreaming when he left the trod during their ambush back outside Revel Grove. The Baron responds by monologuing about his brilliant tactics for finding his way back to a trod and while the Baron is distracted Volf, who is still below deck, uses Saining to find out the Baron’s true name and alter his nature to make him favorable toward the Resistance.

Alonzo then tries to say something friendly to the Baron to confuse him, but to everyone’s surprise the Baron smiles at Alonzo and thanks him for his kindness. He proceeds to put down his sword, release them from their bondage to him and confess he doesn’t know why he was fighting them. He declares his loyalty to Princess Lenore and asks everyone to forgive him. The Baron’s guards, however, aren’t too happy, especially that ones that Alonzo made unthinkingly furious. They attack Alonzo, and when they knock him over the planetary essence that was in his pocket is knocked to the group where it shatters at Reah’s feet sending and billowing purple smoke out around her, which twists around her like a small cyclone and then is absorbed into her.

Reah can feel a burning power coursing through her unlike any she has ever felt before, her skin begins to glow and her eyes shine with a burning white flame. Her hair raises up in the air some, with light shining out of every strand. She, and everyone else stands still for a long moment, stunned by her sudden transformation. The enemy combatants realize she could finish them and decide to take out Alonzo while they can. The Baron tries to pull them off of him but they won’t listen. Reah tries to push the enemies away from Alonzo with some wind, but ends up pushing every person on board into a pile at the back of the ship. Alonzo then convinces the enemies that if they surrender he’ll make sure Reah doesn’t harm them, and out of self-preservation they do.

Finally Ygraine arrives and seeing that everything is in hand turns her ship around and follows them out into the open air of the bottomless chasm. Alonzo and the Resistance fighters tie up the Baron’s former men but the Baron doesn’t know what to about Reah. Alonzo convinces him to stop worrying about Reah and show him where the alcohol is on the vessel.

The Lost Princess: A Tricky Situation
Season 3: Episode 20

With Alonzo and Celia imprisoned the rest of the group is locked in a barracks with two redcap guards. The group puts their heads together to try to hatch a plan to get past the guards and Chief suggests they could try to get on the guards good side by asking them to play a game of cards and offering them some marijuana that Stefani has on her. The satyrs in the group, Volf, Blodwen, and Stefani approve of this plan, though Blodwen says she’d like to have Reah just make the ground swallow them up. They all join in to try to make sure the guards have a good time, employing their Gift of Pan, to make it almost impossible for the guards to resist joining in.

Volf asks the guards their names, which they say are Brok and Fang. Stefani asks them if they’d like to play, and offers them the cards and the marijuana. They start to roll the first joint and Volf tries to put a rune on it to make it more effective, but the guards tell him to stop. Stefani, though, with her winning smile and considerable bust, quickly wins them over. Pretty soon the guards are both a little high and when Stefani asks them to let her out for a bit they can hardly refuse. She requests that Reah accompany her because she wouldn’t feel safe in the tunnels alone and they allow it.

Unnoticed by any guards outside Reah and Stefani slip down the steps outside the barracks and down to the drilling platform, then they make their way over to the tunnel leading down towards the dungeon (into which they had seen Tristan taken earlier). At the bottom of the winding ramp is a corridor with metal doors at the far end, guarded by two large, mean-looking guards. Reah and Stefani remain hidden at the lasts curve at the bottom of the ramp but aren’t sure how to proceed. The metal doors suddenly open and King Galamord himself comes out accompanied by two knights. The King practically runs into the two women and asks them what they are doing.

Stefani does her best to try to stay on the King’s good said, telling him that she got lost looking for the restroom. He asks her if she was part of the group that came with so-called King’s Hand, and she answers truthfully that she is. The King finds the two women attractive and assumes they are innocent, so when he asks Stefani how they came to be with the King’s Hand he believes her when she says they were duped. He apologizes to the ladies and sends one of his knights to escort them back to their barracks, promising them food in the morning and transportation out of the Dreaming back to their freehold.

The Lost Princess: The King's Word
Season 3: Episode 19

The crew recognize Baron Agondus and the muse, Sally who accompany the draconic King Galamord to Captain Rothgore’s office. Galamord informs Rothgore that Baron Lackland has returned from besieging Oracle Mountain and has captured and Tristan taken alive with three others, though the Oracle was not found. There is to be a triumphal entry as Tristan and the others are brought in to be confined in the pits. Rothgore then introduces Galamord to Celia and Alonzo, who is disguised as The King’s Hand. Galamord does not believe in the King’s Hand and has Alonzo thrown in the dungeon.

Rothgore is sent to interrogate the others, and he searches them and takes their glamour. Chief tells Rothgore that the so-called King’s Hand fooled them all into thinking they were working for the king and that he first contacted them in the Duchy of Chesapeake after the job they did for Baron Agondus. The Baron is able to confirm Chief’s story, but he does ask about Ygraine, who is supposed to be a member of the Resistance and Chief claims he hasn’t seen her in some time. The group is told that they will be kept under guard until Alonzo fully confesses and that they will be shown to their barracks shortly.

Unable to come up with a plan to escape Chief, Reah, Fred, Volf, Stefani, and Blodwen remain in the mess hall. Eventually horns are heard outside and they are all ushered out to watch the arrival of another airship, this one is carrying Baron Lackland and the captured Sir Tristan along with his five soldiers. Galamord gives a speech to the crowd about how their work is part of the Utopian Dream and that once they have paid off their debt they will always know that they helped build this great kingdom. The workers are rewarded with extra food and early bed, so they cheer, while Tristan and his warriors are taking down a tunnel leading to the dongeun.

Chief, Reah and the group are then lead up to their barracks, where they are told they are going to stale for awhile and have one.

The Lost Princess: Traitors Within the Ranks
Season 3: Episode 18

As Alonzo and the crew make their way to the captain of the guard, Blodwen sees Volf being led as a worker/prisoner in one of the gangs they pass by and she forgets herself by going up to him, giving him a friendly smack and demanding to know where he’s been for the past few months since he disappears. It turns out he said something he shouldn’t have about the king and was carted off by the King’s Secret Police in order to work of his debt to his liege. He has been worked hard as have the hundreds of other prisoners, to mine dross for High King Meilge.

Unfortunately Blodwen’s actions accidentally draw attention to the fact that none of them are tied up. The guards lower their weapons and tell the imposters to be still. Chief uses Chronos to slow down the guards, then knocks them out by banging their heads together. Alonzo takes advantage of the opportunity to gather up some of the dross for himself and distributing it to the crew. Immediately, though the group is being shot at by other guards on different levels. Alonzo then uses his King’s Hand persona to convince the guards to leave them alone. He sends two more guards to take the knocked out ones into solitary confinement.

The commotion draws the attention of Stafani, the young satyr who had decided to join the Resistance after Chief, Alonzo and the crew had freed the prisoners from Revel Grove. Chief had asked Stefani to allow herself to be taken by the King’s Men in order to see what they were doing with the prisoners. However, he had lost track of her in the Dreaming and she had been imprisoned for the past few months. During her time in the mines she had gathered information about the mines’ production and about all it’s strategic defenses and weaknesses.

Stefani and Volf then lead the group to the captain of the mine guards, an ogre named Rothgore who is initially skeptical of the Alonzo’s act, but is intimidated by the strength of the pooka’s performance and the shadow magic cast on him. Alonzo informs the ogre captain that he has traitors among his men and that he and his crew have arrived to find them out. He lets the captain know that two guards have already been imprisoned and demands that the Captain answer his questions. The Captain agrees and leads Alonzo and Celia, his “assistant” up to his office. Alonzo interrogates the Captain, trying to find out what he is mining out of the pits of Cthon besides dross but the Captain doesn’t seem to understand the question.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew is taken to the mess hall where they are given some of the prison mine’s best food. While they are eating Volf and Stefani fill the others in on the things they have seen, but they aren’t aware of anything being mined here other dross. A horn is then heard outside followed by shouting and, going to the window, the group sees one of the king’s airships arrive with elite royal guards. When the airship comes in to land the guards disembark, followed by Baron Agondus, the sidhe lord in charge of the mines of Aballon, who had paid Ygraine and the crew to hunt down the killers who murdered the alchemist on Aballon and stole the formula for distilling a planet’s essence. Finally Galamord, a half-dragon man, the king of the Kingdom of Apples, Blodwen’s former home, disembarks the ship.

The Lost Princess: The Mines of Cthon
Season 3, Episode 17

The crew anchors the ship to the side of the chasm far enough of way from the lit up wooden catwalk built into the cliffside that they could not be spotted by the lantern light. There is some debate as to who should stay behind with the ship: Cassandra is volunteered but she does not know how to pilot the Skysloop. Fred volunteers as well, but others are concerned he might daydream on the job and be caught off guard. Eventually it is decided, against Alonzo’s wishes, that Ygraine will stay behind and the others will take a flare gun with them to signal when they need her to bring it around and pick up. As a backup they take their farnsworth devices as well.

As the crew are making their way along a narrow ledge in the darkness from their ship to the wooden walkway a short way off they struggle to maintain their footing, only Alonzo with his fleet fox’s feet making it across with now problem. Fred nearly falls but is saved by the climbing equipment he keeps and a confidence boost from Alonzo’s Chicanery cantrip. Even Reah nearly falls but manages to save herself by quickly summoning an updraft of wind that blows not only her, but Blodwen and Celia back onto the ledge. The updraft misses Chief, however, who nearly tumbles into the abyss but is saved only by his Incredulity. Assuring himself that this is only a dream he imagines the ledge larger than it originally was the ledge does indeed appear to become larger. However, the backlash from the Dreaming at this used of Incredulity is nearly instantaneous: there is a rumbling from deep within the chasm, the wall shakes, and a number of large rocks dislodge themselves from the cliff and plummet down towards Chief. One perfectly aimed stone hits Chief square in the back, bruising him badly.

When the group arrives beneath the catwalk they decide to deceive the guard with the King’s Hand bit. Cassandra whips up a dark disguise for Alonso using her black cloak and her Umbration cantrips to give him a shadow body. Boldwen pitches in by giving him a deep, raspy, Batman voice. Stepping up onto the ledge Alonzo assures the guard that he is the King’s Hand on an important mission. The guard believes Alonzo with little help from Celia, a member of the king’s house. Alonzo explains that he and Celia are transporting prisoners and casts a spell on the guard so that when the others come up on the deck they appear to be bound in chains. The guard agrees to take Alonzo and his prisoners to his superior officer, speaking to him along the way in order to frighten him further.

When the group comes upon another group of prisoners Alonzo has them stop and question the second group’s guard, then he opens a one of the prisoner’s sacks and finds that is fall of rocks lasted with sparkling silvery dreamstuff so dense it can be taken into the real world and used as dross. While Celia distracts the guards Alonzo pockets a couple handfuls of dross. Alonzo then tells the second group they can proceed and the first guard tells the prisoners to move it. The guard informs Alonzo’s crew that the captain’s headquarters are up ahead.

The Lost Princess: Journey into Darkness
Season 3, Episode 16

Having passed forward through time by a week the crew debate what their next step should be. Tristan reminds them that the Oracle spoke of destruction being mined at the mines of Cthon and says that this should be checked out, yet they cannot abandon the Oracle since she refuses to leave with them and they don’t know when the king’s men might return to take the hill if left unguarded. Ygraine and the crew agree to find the bottomless pit and see what the king’s men are doing there while Tristan and his band stand guard over the hill.

Before leaving Alonzo tries to trick Tristan into giving the group more dross to help them on their mission, but Tristan can tell their group is already better provisioned than his and denies the request. Reah is reluctant to be parted with Tristan, whom she feels she knows, but cannot remember from where, but she does not wish to abandon her crew either. Ygraine and Fred pour over their charts to try and pinpoint the location of the Pits of Cthon, but Fred is having a daydreaming episode and Ygraine becomes increasingly frustrated with him. It is Blodwen who comes and helps them sort out the papers and identify a path through the Dreaming’s underworld that could bring them to the pits of Cthon.

When the crew takes off to head away from the hill they are attacked by an enemy they cannot see firing missiles at them from unseen ballistas on the ground below. Reah quickly whips up cloud cover and, unable to pierce the foggy veil the enemy repeatedly misses the Skysloop until they are out of range. Leaving the plains the crew sails over low mountains until they come come to some truly gigantic peaks, at the roots of which is an enormous cave that could house a small skyscraper. The Skysloop sails on into the cave and through pitch blackness. The crew lights their lamps and fights off any cave dwelling bat monsters that attack out of the darkness. Eventually they hear water beneath them and come to a thundering falls the size of Niagra where the water is cascading into a bottomless pit. Sailing out over this chasm they come to a place where they can see a hole above them opening up to the sky and rising up into this hole they slowly plot a course around the cliff face sides of the chasm until in the distance they see a lantern lit path up the side of the chasm.

The Lost Princess: The Oracle
Season 3, Episode 15
The crew manage to make it to the top of the Mountain and meet the Oracle, a disembodied voice that seems to inhabit the standing stones. Tristan has a handful of knights with him, including a black centaur and two frosty skinned trolls. Only Fred can speak to the Oracle due to his Soothsay art. The Oracle informs the group that King Meilge is was responsible for King David’s death, but she says she does not get involved in changeling politics. Still she does inform the group that in the pits of Cthon they are mining destruction, and that the heroes will find what they seek at the bottomless pit where many enter seeking treasure and few ever return.

Tristan notices that Fred has the crystal stone sent by Princess Lenore, but Fred, unthinkingly tries to lie to Tristan about the stone, since he had been daydreaming and forgetting who he was. This upsets Tristan, but Reah does her best to smooth things over. Tristan takes the stone from Fred and tries to convince the Oracle to inhabit it, but the Oracle doesn’t want to fall into Princess Lenore’s hands any more than she wants to be taken by Meilge. Alonzo pesters Fred to ask the Oracle why things never worked out with his fifth grade crush in order to test the Oracle’s abilites, but the others become annoyed with this until Blodwen threatens to look through Fred’s pockets until she finds some duct tape and use it on Alonzo’s mouth. Ygraine simply beans him on the back of the head with her flask so he shuts up for a little while.

Baron Lackland then addresses the Queen’s troops from the foot of the hill and demands that they surrender or be destroyed. Tristan says they’ll take their chances and then Reah shoots ice at the Baron and his knights. The Baron then orders his men to begin the assault and the men fire dark bombs from their trebuchets, which explode in clouds of black and cold that block out light. Tristan uses his pyretic art to call up a will o’wisp to provide his people with light and heat, but they are unable to see the enemy. The Baron’s men begin to move his troops up the hill and fire javelins at those standing on the hilltop. One of Tristan’s satyr’s is impaled by a javelin. Chief then has the others provide him with enough dross to use chronos to bring them all into the future. The entire group with the stone and airship disappear from the hilltop and reappear a week in the future with the darkness that came with them slowly dissipating.

The Lost Princess: Deception in the Sky
Season 3, Episode 14

The crew embark into the dreaming on Ygraine’s ship. Ygraine works on a distraction for the enemy force when they arrive, sewing large pieces of cloth together. She asks the others to work up something to help the illusion. Reah succeeds in conjuring up some warm wind to help the balloons float.

They arrive at the Oracle Mountain and find that the king’s forces are besieging the Tor, surrounding it with two airships firing upon the hilltop, and the Resistance fighters on the hilltop firing back at it as well. Ygraine creates copies of their ship to make their force appear larger and the king’s ships approach, commanding that their fleet pull back.

Alonzo uses some Chicanery and deception to speak back to the king’s men using a microphone mounted on one of the fake airships. He claims to be the King’s Hand and says that has come to route out double agents and traitors that are among the troops. The captain of the enemy ship commands the fake ships to halt until he has spoken with their commander, but Reah creates a gust of wind that sends the illusory fleet crashing into the two enemy ships. The enemies open fire, and a couples of Ygraine’s creations are engulfed in flames and crash to the ground. A few of the fake ships do get up among the enemy ships, though, and Reah summons up fog to lower their visibility. Alonzo then casts fuddle on the entire crew of one of the enemy airships to make them believe they that their counterpart is actually their enemy, and they subsequently open fire on their own comrades. The second enemy ship tries to convince the first that they are not enemies, but since their pleas fall on deaf ears they conclude that the ship must be manned by traitors and spies, so they open fire as well.

While both enemy ships fight each other, the Skysloop sails by non-challantly, made invisible by Alonzo mischief magic. As they sail over the heads of the enemy encampment Alonzo pulls the lever to empty the ship’s latrines on them. The enemy soldiers open fire in the direction that the disgusting rain had fallen, however they barely miss, thanks to Reah’s stirred air. The ship then sails smoothly up between two tall standing stones on top of Oracle Hill.

Alonzo is the first to step out of the ship and he is greeted by a small group of Resistance fighters pointing their weapons at him. A black centaur demands to know who he is. Alonzo explains that he and his group caused the enemy airships to attack each other. Sir Tristan, the captain of the Resistance fighters steps forward and asks Reah, who is standing at Alonzo’s side, who sent them and why they have come. Alonzo explains that they were sent by the princess to deliver something and they were to expect payment. Ygraine holds up the purple crystal and says they were to bring this, but they are not expecting payment, contrary to what Alonzo said. Tristan then thanks them all and informs them that he had nearly given up hope that he and his men would be rescued until he saw the arrival of Ygraine’s crew in a dream.

The Lost Princess: The True Queen
Season 3, Episode 13

Queen Lenore, David’s True Heir, and Sir Danwyn, her fiance and general, inform the group that the Resistance has a network throughout the country and they were about to strike at Meilge with Meilge’s men struck first. Lenore and her personal guard have only recently moved to Baltimore weeks before when their hide out in the Kingdom of Apples was destroyed. She had been informed of this place by her champion, Sir Tristan, who came from the area.

The Queen asks Ygraine and her crew to take a glowing amethyst crystal necklace to Tristan, who is defending Oracle Mountain from Meilge’s men. She informs them of the location of the Oracle within the Dreaming.

Alonzo immediately falls for the princess and promises to help but Chief asks to discuss the issue with the crew first. Chief raises the question of how they know what Lenore is saying is true, and whether or not they can succeed in a venture like this, but Fred is for trying it and says they do have a reputation to keep up. Ygraine points out that they said from the beginning that if Lenore was alive she would be the true queen, and since she seems to respect commoner rights and follow David’s ideals Ygraine says they may as well support her.

Ygraine informs Lenore that the crew agrees to help and Lenore gives them a map and the crystal necklace. Ygraine entrusts the necklace to Chief and gives Fred the map, then they head out to the common room and get some refreshments while socializing with the Resistance fighters before heading out.


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