Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: Dragonfire
Season 3: Episode 30

Alonzo decides to try to befriend the dragon and happens to know an old fable about a dragon/pooka friendship he thinks he can use to his advantage. Fred happens to have some dragon treats, since there is no such thing as being over-prepared, and figures they can help Alonzo. Tristan, however, tells him that trying to befriend a dragon is pointless and goes to look for a sword. As soon as he finds one he exchanges a look with Reah, and she, being a brave knight of House Fiona, draws her sword and goes with Tristan to fight the Dragon. They find the corridor at the top of the stairs filled with fire from the dragon’s breath and before they can do anything Alonzo rushes in and tries to speak with the dragon. The dragon, however, is on a rampage and shoots a gout of flame at Alonzo and catches him on fire.

Reah quickly summons up a rainstorm that fills the tunnel with a torrential downpour, puttint out all the fires and sending steam up from the hot rocks. Alonzo has suffered some second degree burns and lost most of his hair and skin, but he gets to his feet and begins walking towards the dragon. Tristan tries to stop him, but since he is determined Tristan summons a blue flame to wreath him and draw the dragon’s interest. The dragon comes forward out of the mist and looks at Alonzo curiously while Alonzo feeds it treats and asks for it’s help. When Blodwen lowers herself from Volf’s arms and painfully approaches the dragon, giving it an admiring look to help seal the deal. The dragon looks at them both in a friendly way and Alonzo asks it to bring them back to their airship. The dragon, understanding the word “air” sniffs and then turns and leads them up towards the main entrance.

The group runs along behind the dragon, and their is a boom from Chief’s charges going off beneath them, causing the ground to shake, the walls to crack, and pieces of the ceiling to begin falling. The group picks up the pace, dodging falling rocks, trying to keep up with the dragon. When the reach the main corridor leading to the exit the tunnel begins collapsing behind them and they have to run to avoid being buried. A chasm opens up the ground which Reah deftly leaps across and grabs Fred as she lands, pulling out of the way of a falling stone pillar.

As the crew runs out of the Dragonspire the entire mountainous keep is collapsing and they have to keep moving to stay ahead of the avalanche of falling rock and dust. All of Galamord’s men are assembled outside the gateway, but fortunately they begin to scatter when they see the dragon, which flaps its wings and takes to the sky so it can dive-bomb them. Alonzo calls out a thanks to the dragon and says if it ever needs anything it should look him up, then it lets out a triumphant roar and a gout of flame into the sky as a response and eats another one of Galamord’s troops. The crew hop aboard their stolen airship then and take to the skies.

Alonzo hugs Chief out of relief and finds Ygraine hugging him too, making him into a sandwich. He is weirded out by Ygraine’s affection for a moment until she gives his head a light smack and tells him he’s an idiot. Tristan tells Alonzo he did well, and the two become friends. Tristan then kisses Reah, which brings back her memories of their shared past together in the ancient world at the Trojan War. They sail over Ygrain’s Skysloop and she, Chief and Volf climb aboard and get it airborne. Volf finds Blodwen’s herbs and then swings back to Alonzo’s ship and helps Blodwen take them to the captain’s quarters to heal Alonzo. Reah asks Tristan about the kiss when they are alone on deck and he tells her he’s been wanting to do it for a long time, and they both remember how they had fallen in love at the battle of Troy when they had both been demigods.

After a day long voyage through the Dreaming the two ships come back to the Duchy of Chesapeake and the trod leading to the Duke’s family farm. Sally is sad to see everyone going because she must stay in the Dreaming since she has lived their for years and her mind is so full of bedlam she couldn’t handle the mundane reality without struggling with hallucinations and a possible mental breakdown. Instead of taking the risk she decides to stay with the ships again. Once they have said their goodbyes the crew has one other thing to figure out: what to do with Galamord. Lenore decides to spare Galamord’s life as long as he agrees to testify against the king, swear fealty to her, and allow himself to be imprisoned for life. Alonzo speaks to Galamord and he agrees to take the deal, to the chagrin of Tristan and Blodwen who felt he should have been killed for his crimes.

The Lost Princess: Escape from Dragonspire
Season 3: Episode 29

Once clear of the rocks Blodwen passes out, Volf catches her and Baron Lackland removes his cloak to cover her. Alonzo suggests they get out of there while they can, but Reah remembers that Tristan is being held captive in the dungeon along with the survivor’s of the Queen’s Resistance Fighters. She doesn’t know the way, however, so Fred suggests that if they had anything belonging to Tristan they could use that to find his location. Reah happens to be still be wearing the cloak that Tristan gave her when she had the Planetary Essence and her clothes burnt away. Fred uses Soothsay to link the cloak to Tristan and it sticks out and points the way to him. Volf follows, carrying Blodwen while Baron Lackland and Princess Lenore guard the donkey that was King Galamord, and Ygraine grabs the dragon eggs.

She also directs the group to a secret path down to the dungeon where Tristan and Sir Danwyn are being kept. They first go down the main staircase leading down from the throne room and come to the large corridor at its base. From their they are led through a labyrinth of hallways and staircases going ever deeper downward. They do not meet with any resistance as the guards have cleared out at the sound of the dragon. However, the group does hear the dragon’s roar echoing down a nearby corridor and they realize that the dragon they made up has actually come to life.

They finally come to the last passage leading down to the dungeon and find it guarded, but Alonzo, with help from Chief, Ygraine and Baron Lackland manages to convince the guards that they are needed up above to fight the dragon and that they will guard the prisoners as they are too battle worn to fight anymore. The guards buy it, as do a second set of guards down at the bottom of the stairs, and they enter the dungeon through a pair of large oaken doors. As the group drew nearer to the dungeon the rock passageways had gradually become less like carved rooms and more like caves and tunnels and the dungeon itself is a dank, dark cave with dripping water and bars blocking off small alcoves where the prisoners are kept.

Reah uses all her glamour to manipulate the stone and send tremors through it that break the cells open. However, although Chief tries to direct her on where to break the stone and where not to, she ends up destabilizing the ceiling, and rocks begin to fall. Blodwen tries to use her power to stabilize the rocks, but she feels a pain in her gut that tells her if she uses it again it will kill the Oracle. Alonzo gives Reah more glamour, which she uses to temporarily stabilize the ceiling, so that stones aren’t falling on them, but enough have already fallen that the exit is now blocked. Tristan and Danwyn come out of their cells, as well as one of the centaurs who had fought along with Tristan. Danwyn and Lenore kiss, to Alonzo’s chagrin, but Tristan asks what they can do about the rocks.

Chief decides the send the rocks forward in the future, setting some charges on the rocks to go off with the casting of the cantrip and give him a better chance of success because of the careful timing required to make it go off. Using all of his glamour, as well as some of Blodwen’s and his own dross he is able to make the rocks disappear, but only for five minutes, at which time they will reappear and blow up the Dragonspire’s foundations. The group rush out, and as they run Tristan asks Reah about the donkey and she explains that it’s galamord. Before he has the chance to do anything, though, the dragon’s roar is heard in the passageway above them and the light of dragon fire is cast upon the walls of the stairwell they need to go up.

The Lost Princess: In the Hall of the Dragon King
Season 3: Episode 28

Seeing Galamord Blodwen immediately recognize that he was an advisor to Queen Mab when she had been the queen’s handmaid and that he was the one who murdered the queen. Galamord attempts to seduce Blodwen, promising to protect her and her friends from King Meilge and even protect Lenore if Blodwen will bring his dragons to life. She claims that she doesn’t know what Galamord is talking about, that she has no special powers, so he confines her and Reah to separate towers until morning when the effect wears off. Blodwen is brought out again and Galamord demands that she cooperate or he will kill her and Reah. He tries to strike Reah down but Reah coats herself in ice armor and then Blodwen turns Galamord into a donkey. Arawn then has Blodwen held down and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t change the king back, she refuses so he slits her throat.

The crew arrive just in time to see Blodwen get her throat cut, since Ygraine and Fred had gone back down to the get the others when they first discovered where their captured friends were at. The group knocked out the guards in the mess hall and hurried up but couldn’t get there in time to stop Arawn’s knife. They proceed with Chief’s plan, however, and the troll steps out into the throne room calls out to the guards to distract them. He then signals Fred to shoot the king and throws the grenade Fred gave him at the ceiling simultaneously, causing rocks to fall on everyone in the throne room. Chief uses dream-time to get the ladies out of the room before they are hit by rocks, but when the dreamtime wears off a group of guards stabs him in the gut.

In the corridor outside the throne room Reah manages to heal Blodwen’s neck while the others fight off the enemy guards in the doorway. When Blodwen regains consciousness she rises with Reah’s help but then calls forth the planetary power to give her strength. The use of her power will cause Blodwen to feel hot, and her skin even glows, even her clothes burn away, and she walks forward and points at the guards. Beams of light shot from her fingertips and hit the guards, shrinking them to the size of tiny toys. She realizes she is naked, though and asks for something to cover up with, so Ygraine gives her her coat. Blodwen isn’t done, however, and she steps into the room, deflecting rocks as if they were nothing. She grabs the king, still in doney form, and drags him back to the others, then she retrieves the dragon eggs. By this time her coat has burnt away and she is naked once more.

Guards are heard coming up from down below, and Alonzo warns them not to come up the staires because a dragon has attacked. They stop and begin asking questions but Blodwen makes a dragon noise that makes them turn around and go somewhere else. The crew must now decide where to go next.

The Lost Princess: The Belly of the Beast
Season 3: Episode 27

Chief, Volf, Lenore and Lackland manage to pilot the King’s captured airships through the Dreaming while Sally tends to the wounded Alonzo in the King’s quarters. It is decided that they should make for the safe-house that had been established at Duke Maelgwyn old family farm. They leave the crew of the King’s ship at the site of the attack to await the appearance of their fellw crewmates in a week’s time. Meanwhile Fred goes into a trance in the hold of the Skysloop, using Blodwen’s personal items to track her to the dragon’s lair where she is being held by King Galamord. Through his connection with Blodwen the Oracle is also able to speak with him and warns him that he should not attempt to rescue her alone, he must reunite with his friend’s first at the Duke’s farm. When Fred awakens he fills Ygraine in on this and they head back across the Bay.

The Skysloop arrives at the trod outside Summerset Farm in time to see the enemy airship they had stolen in the mines approaching with another of the king’s airships escorting it. Fearing the worst Ygraine sends a message via her little mechanical beetle to the refugees on the farm warning them that the King’s airship is approaching. She then decides to run her ship at the enemy, pull aside at the last minute, and lead them for a wild chase to distract them. As they draw close, however, they see the Princess on the deck and she calls to them and lets them know everything is alright. They park the airships in the Dreaming and then carry Alonzo out and to the farm house.

A young boggan nurse works together with Sally to stabilize Alonzo’s wounds, and Chief helps them by slowing down time on Alonzo. Eventually they manage to get Alonzo patched up enough that he can begin to recover. He wakes up awhile later and the Princess comes in and thanks him for his sacrifice. She even agrees to make him admiral of the ships he has helped take. Ygraine and Fred also come in, and while the others don’t want Alonzo getting too involved in his state, they agree to work out their plans in his presence so he give his input. A plan is agreed upon and they spend the rest of the next day working on the most recently captured ship, preparing it for departure.

They sail a long ways through the Dreaming on Alonzo’s captured ship and Ygraine’s Skysloop. They pass over vast forests and jagged mountains until they come to a stoney, broken wilderness and in the distance an enormous black spire jutting up towards a swirling stormy sky. Ygraine gets Alonzo to help her hide her ship with his Chicanery and she stows it in a small ravine before they approach the black spire. When they arrive at the Dragon’s Keep a voice asks them their business and Alonzo claims they’ve gotten back from capturing enemies and have cargo on board that the King will need to see and only the King. Guards are sent out then to greet Alonzo and his crew as they land and to escort them to the great hall where they will receive some much needed refreshments.

While Alonzo speaks to one of the guards in the great hall, Ygraine and Fred make their way to out of the room. They are caught by the other guard but claim they need to use the restroom, and he lets them go. They search the halls for a way to get to to Blodwen and Reah. Ygraine manages to find the right path and as they go Ygraine and Fred try to avoid being seen, once resorted to a long kiss in order to get the enemy to turn away. Finally they make it to Galamord’s throne room.

The Lost Princess: Hunters and Hunted
Season 3: Episode 26

Ygraine puts the ship down in a clearing in the Dreaming hidden from the guards at the entrance into Revel Grove. Ygraine, Blodwen and Fred head to the trod and leave the Dreaming and Arawn and Reah follow them at a safe distance to avoid being noticed.

In Revel Grove things are quiet since in the summer only the living history part of the village and a few shops are open. There are still a couple months before the festival with all its crowd drawing performances begins. Ygraine is sad to see that her shop has been closed and replaced by someone selling kilts, though, she says, it could be worse, more kilts in the world is always a good thing. A contingent of the king’s knights patrol the streets, making sure that everything remains quiet and free from Resistance activity after all the excitement the previous winter. When the group get to the castle the ask a guard to lead them to Duke Maelgwyn, claiming to be tinkers who came across some important information about Resistance activity in the Dreaming. They had hoped to speak with the Duke in private so they could tell him their true mission, but when they are brought in to meet with the Duke in his great hall they find he is joined by Sir Adamar, who has replaced Baron Lackland since he has gone missing. Adamar is suspicious of the newcomers, especially when they won’t share their news with him, but the Duke demands that Adamar allow him to deal with them. Adamar begrudgingly does what the Duke says, but threatens there will be repercussions if the Duke lets them leave without his approval.

The Duke leads them up to his office so that they can speak in private, but unbeknownst to them Arawn and Reah have already teleported into the castle and snuck up to the Duke’s office. To avoid being seen the two of them dodge into the next room, which is the Duke’s bedroom, and listen behind the door. Thinking they are alone Ygraine tells the Duke who they really are and when he doesn’t believe them at first she loses her temper and cusses him out, which then confirms her identity to him. He then leads her to the castle library where a record was kept of the dragon’s defeat and the location of his fortress, and they are followed there once again by Arawn and Reah. With a little searching they find the chart to the dragon’s lair, but Arawn jumps out from behind a bookshelf and grabs Blodwen and disappears. Ygraine and Fred corner Reah, but she is unable to help them, fearing that Galamord would kill Tristan as promised so she makes a potted plant flower to reveal herself and Ygraine gets the hint and leaves her alone. Arawn reappears and takes Reah back while Ygraine and Fred go back to ship to find something of Blodwen’s that they can use to track her. They find that Blodwen has indeed been taken back to the old dragon’s lair and they set sail for it using the chart they have taken from the Duke’s records.

Meanwhile Alonzo, Chief and Volf hide themselves among the trees with Princess Lenore, Baron Lackland and Sally. They watch as the enemy airship descends next to the stolen one they have left rigged with troops. The enemy troops lower themselves down by ropes but with a combination of Alonzo befuddling their senses and the traps laid by Chief and Volf the enemy are left dazed and disoriented so that Chief and rush at them and cast Chronos on them, sending them forward a week in time. With the majority of the enemy force subdued Alonze rushes out and climbs one of the ropes up onto the enemy ship, followed by Chief, the Princess and the Baron.

On the deck of the ship there doesn’t appear to be anyone so the Baron stands back and guards the Princess while Alonzo and Chief upon the door to the ship’s bridge. Here they find the remaining crew armed with old-fashioned, steampunk-style guns which they have pointed at them. Alonzo slowly puts up his hands and smiles at the enemy, calmly explaining to them why it would be better for them to surrender. In an attempt to play bad cop, Chief raises the rock he’s brought aboard and glares violently at the enemy but he only manages to scare them, not convince them to surrender. Alonzo, however, makes one final appeal to them to give up and the crew begin lower their weapons. The captain, though, does not wish to go down without a fight and fires at Alonzo, hitting him right in the chest. Chief manages to jump the captain and pin him down before he can get off another shot, but Alonzo collapses to the deck. The Princess comes in and tries to help Alonzo, but it is Chief who slows his bleeding. They manage to buy him some time, but if they don’t get him immediate medical help he will die.

The Lost Princess: The Trap is Set
Season 3: Episode 25

Sally talks to Chief and thanks him for helping her. She says that traveling with their group has given her a wider perspective on the world and she wants to help Princess Lenore, she just feels there isn’t much that she can do for them, all she knows is alchemy, she can’t even remember anything about the real world, she’s been in the Dreaming so long. Chief tells her to pay attention to what’s going on around her and she’ll find something she can do to help. She decides to use Alonzo’s Scotch to brew a potion with Chief’s Dreamtime cantrip contained in it.

They bring the airship to rest in a little ravine surrounded by the trees and the ruins of someone’s dream castle. Chief sets traps around the ship and on the deck, while Volf renames the ship “Trap Ship” in order to enhance its traps. Lenore and Baron Lackland find some high ground near the ship from which they can ambush their attackers.

When Reah is brought to revive the eggs her hesitance causes Galamord realizes his mistake and he calls Arawn to explain what is going on. Arawn informs Galamord that there was another girl there and Lady Reah had been doing some kind ritual with her. He explains that he snuck aboard the ship when the rest of Galamord’s men were ambushing the Resistance lair and he says he could teleport back to the ship and get the other woman and Galamord tells him to go ahead but that Reah will also go back with him and help bring the other woman. Galamord then brings Tristan out in chains and tells Reah he will be watching her through an amulet which he gives her to wear around her neck, and if she does anything other than help Arawn he will kill Tristan. Tristan tells Reah not to do what Galamord says but the guards pull Tristan away. Galamord gives Reah a potion to alter her appearance and tells her to be back with the other woman by sunset or Tristan will die. Reah and Arawn arrive in the hold of the Skysloop and hear hoofs up on the deck.

The Lost Princess: A Mother for Dragons
Season 3: Episode 24

Fred and Blodwen are left alone in the clearing on the sacred isle. Blodwen still suffers from the burn on her belly but otherwise has a delicious feeling of power tingling through her body, and she is practically glowing. When they make their way back to Ygraine and tell her what happens Fred uses Soothsay and the sword that the assassin left behind in order to discover that Reah has been taken to the fortress of an ancient dragon named Phaeton, in a part of the Dreaming known only be a few changelings in Revel Grove. They decide to head back to Revel Grove to investigate and Blodwen uses her Metamorphosis art to disguise them all as satyres. Ygraine suggests they should leave Blodwen behind when they go to rescue Reah since they don’t want to risk her being taken by Galamord since she now has both the oracle and the essence within her.

Reah is brought before King Galamord in an enormous circular room with rough hewn black stone walls and a smooth black marble floor. Embedded columns rise up along with the walls which soar for many stories overhead into a cavernous cathedral like ceiling. At the far end of the room is raised dais with an enormous black dragon statue on it and Galamord is sitting on the dragon’s knee as if it was a throne. Seeing that Reah is naked Galamord commands his men to all turn away and offers to have someone go and get clothes for her. The servant brings back a shear black glittering gown of a gossamer type material. He flatters her and calls her his guest and invites her to dine with him, giving her the option of eating now or going to the suite he has prepared for her to refresh herself first.

Meanwhile Alonzo sails with Queen Lenore on his stolen ship Volf, Chief, Stephanie, Lady Celia, Baron Lackland, and Sally. Alonzo comforts Lenore with a bottle of fine brandy taken from the captain’s quarters on the ship and she accepts it gratefully. They find that they are pursued by an enemy warship so Volf scratches a rune into the ship deck enabling it to go faster, which Alonzo takes full advantage of as he expertly maneuvers the ship further and further ahead of the enemies and losses them for the time being. Lackland suggests that they should use the ship as bait to draw the enemy in if they are tracking it and position themselves to ambush anyone who comes onto it, and the Lenore agrees to the plan.

The feast is in a great hall, which is another cavernous, cathedral-like room with a long table set up in front of the fireplace carved into the wall The table is a smooth black stone and it is laid out with all kind of food one would expect to find at a medieval feast: pheasant, venison, all kinds of artisan bread, quiche, and other savory pastries, as well as fruit and vegetable platters. When the servants bring out the desert it is all manner of chocolate things: truffles, fudge, cookies, mousse, cheesecake and more. Along with the dessert a pair of gigantic scale-covered eggs are brought out and placed before Reah. Galamord tells her that the power within her will destroy if she does not channel it into something, so if she pours it out into these eggs she could potentially bring them back to life, and he would share one of the baby dragons with her and allow her to stay at the castle with him so that he could help her raise it.

Galamord then escorts Reah to her room to give her the chance to think her decision over. The suite is up several flights of winding stairs and down a long torchlit corridor of black columns and arches, the room has rough hewn onyx walls like the rest of the keep she has seen so far, and there is a high ceiling, with a single long window looking out at a vast black, rocky wilderness of sharp boulders and rocky crags stretching off to a range of enormous tooth-like mountains in the distance. From this vantage point Reah can tell she is in some kind of castle or keep. There is a bed and a boudoire in the room, both seemingly carved from the same stone as the room itself. The bed is tall and has curtains around it. There is a bathroom as well with a bubbling hot spring bath carved into the wall. If Reah tries to escape at all the room will respond to counter whatever attempts she might make.

The Lost Princess: The Sacred Isle
Season 3: Episode 23

The Oracle instructs Fred to bring her to a sacred island in the middle of the Dreaming in order to perform the ritual that will give her life. Queen Lenore offers to send some of her troops with Fred and Ygraine’s crew and Tristan volunteers to accompany them. Suddenly enemy soldiers begin to appear around the underground common room, concentrated at the entrance. There are scores of them, all holding swords, spears and other bladed weapons and wearing assorted kinds of spiky and sharp-looking black armor. The ambushers immediately attack the Resistance members, catching most of them off guard and many are slaughtered before they can even begin to fight back. Tristan and his squadron as well as Ygraine’s crew are able to fight back, at least, since they have only just arrived and have been traveling with their weapons and armor. Fred uses his Tesla gun to zap any attackers that get close to him and his friends, then Reah does some Elsa-style gestures and creates an ice wall that covers their escape to the back of the room. At the back of the room the Queen’s remaining fighters regroup and withdraw through the back door to the Queen’s office and quarters while Tristan holds back attackers with his sword and Ygraine tosses gears and other assorted widgets she has on her. Reah considers using the power of the essence on the enemy attackers but she fears what that would do to her.

With the door closed behind them the Queen Lenore tells her people they need to get out of here before the enemy begins teleporting in. One of her soldiers versed in Wayfare opens a portal into the Dreaming and sends Fred with the Oracle and Blodwen, as well as Reah and the essence she carries inside her into the dark tunnels that comprise the Dreaming’s reflection of the underground passageway they are in. Once Ygraine’s crew are through Lenore leads her troops into the portal as well, but the portal closes before her troops, including Tristan and Danwyn, can follow. The Queen at first wants to wait for her soldiers, but Blodwen convinces her that she must escape for the good of her people and that her soldiers will find her if they are able to escape.

Ygraine uses her compass to navigate the labyrinthine tunnels and get the group back up to the surface where the Dreaming’s reflection of Baltimore stands: a fantastic, Gothic-Victorian town full of strange goblinoid creatures. Queen Lenore suggests they split up so that if they are followed again and one group is captured the other will escape to fight on and hopefully rescue the ones that have been taken. Alonzo takes Queen Lenore on his stolen ship, the one they feel most likely to be pursued, along with Volf, Chief, Stephanie, Lady Celia, Baron Lackland, and Sally. Meanwhile Ygraine takes Reah, Fred and Blodwen in the Skysloop on a journey to the sacred island the Oracle had spoken of.

The Skysloop follows the Oracle’s directions into the sky, rising higher and higher until the stars form a sea beneath them. They sail for some days until they come to a lone mystical island floating in the air above the water with a grove of ancient oaks growing atop it. The Oracle explains that the wyrd energies forming a nexus at this island will focus and intensify the power that Reah will be transferring into her. Ygraine stays with the ship and the others disembark onto the quiet island that thrums with mysterious energy. Following the Oracle’s directions to the center of the tree grove they find another stone circle like the ones seen in England and Ireland. Fred relays the Oracle’s instructs for Blodwen to lay down in the soft bed of moss in the center of the stone circle and to expose her navel. This is a little awkward for Blodwen because she is wearing a dress so she is forced to pull it up and expose her entire lower body, but she bravely does her duty and prepares herself as instructed. Fred then sits next to Blodwen and holds the Oracle stone above Blodwen’s naval. He tells Reah that she must place her hand atop the stone and release her power.

Reah touches the stone and the stone touches Blodwen’s belly, conducting the power as Reah unleashes it. As Reah feels the energy flow through her the wind in the branches picks up and quickly grows to near hurricane strength with dark clouds and lighting breaking out overhead. The plants, vines and trees around them start growing at alarming rates as well. All of this is quite frightening to to Blodwen, who lies exposed in the clearing and can feel the energy of the storm coursing into her. Suddenly Reah feels a blade pressed against her neck and the others see a handsome sidhe with red eyes, red hair and enormous black wings behind her. He tells Reah that he is taking her, but she feels the power within her urging her to use it against this attacker. She gives in to the urge and unleashes a gust of wind so strong that it sends her attacker sailing through the air and thumping against a tree trunk. The power then begins to burn through Reah’s skin, disintegrating her clothes and transforming her into a body of light and heat. The power burns Blodwen’s belly pretty badly as the remaining energies finally sink into her, but the transference is soon complete and though the burn hurts her she can feel a exciting sensation of power coursing through her entire body, exciting her and daring her to use it. With the essence gone from her Reah’s body returns to normal though her clothes are still gone and only her sword remains.

Reah doesn’t waste time trying to cover up but stands and walks towards her would-be kidnapper, imposing in her confidence and superhuman beauty, and asks him who he is and why he wants to take her. The man claims his name is Arawn, but he uses Chicanery to create the illusion of footsteps coming up behind Reah. In the instant that she is distracted the servant of King Meilge leaps at Reah, grabs her arm and teleports away with her, leaving Fred and Blodwen alone in the clearing.

The Lost Princess: A Mother for the Oracle
Season 3: Episode 22

Reah’s entire body continues to shine as the crew sails out into the bottomless pit with the stollen ship from the King and Ygraine’s ship side by side. She lights up the darkness and her eyes shine like twin suns, she is beautiful and terrible to look at and she can feel the power burnings inside her like fire she cannot contain. Flowers and vines grow from the ground she stands on and cover the ship’s deck. When she tries to use her powers to heal Alonzo, not only is he healed but his shirt disintegrates from where she touched him. Alonzo of course uses this to try to flirt with the two female troops in Tristan’s squad, and they are charmed by his sense of humor, though mainly distracted by the spectacle of Reah, as her clothes burn away as well, leaving only her magnificent form shining as if made of light.

The Oracle speaks to Fred and tells him to touch her stone to Reah’s skin, which he does, and this allows her to stabilize Reah’s power. Slowly the glowing begins to dim down to a more bearable level, and as Reah’s skin returns to normal she causes a gown of leaves and flowers to grow over her form so that she isn’t left naked. The Oracle informs Fred that the essence of the planet is highly unstable and could cause Reah herself to disintegrate if she uses the power again.

The crew bring the ships up out of the Pit into a wilderness dreamscape under a myriad rainbow colored stars. Fred is able to locate a Silver Path, which leads them out of the Far Dreaming, and from here he is able to follow his charts to find a trod heading back towards the Duchy of Chesapeake. Because it is a long journey the crew takes shifts driving the ship and standing on watch, and Alonzo uses the opportunity to search the ship for plunder. He finds some fancy new clothes and weapons to wear, as well as some potential useful information about the king’s troops, and finally locates a safe which he fails to open. Tristan and Chief try to open the safe as well but can’t do it with brute force alone. Finally Reah forces it open using her vines, inside is gold and precious stones along with some dross, which Alonzo shares with the others. Alonzo also takes the opportunity to try to get back on everyone’s good side and make a few new friends, such as Tristan.

When it is Fred’s turn to sleep he sees the Oracle in a dream. She comes to him in the form of a mysteriously beautiful woman and has him swear to protect her. She then instructs him that in order for her to help them restore balance to the Dreaming and undo the damage that Meilge and Galamord are doing she needs to take physical form and in order to do that she will need Reah’s power to create a living body for her, and a volunteer (preferably female) to provide a womb for her to grow in. When Fred relays this information to the group Reah is shocked, but Blodwen quickly volunteers herself to be the Oracle’s surrogate mother, feeling it is the best way for her to contribute to the cause since she isn’t a fighter.

The Oracle says they will need to find a more opportune place to do the ritual of giving her her life, but Tristan says they need to stow their prisoners and then report to the Queen. Tristan recommends they take the prisoners to Chesapeake House, so they land their ships on the edge of the haunted property and Tristan’s troops bring the captured crew of the king’s ship bound and blindfolded out of the hold and across the yard. Shadowy creatures begin to close in on them in the dark but Tristan calls on the Duchess and her ghost appears and guides them to her chambers. Tristan informs the prisoners that they will be safe as long as they don’t leave the Duchess’ chambers or try to escape. They then turn their ships towards Baltimore where they find a trod back into the real world near the abandoned theater where the Queen and her troops are hiding.

The crew leaves Sally and Cassandra with the ships but bring Baron Lackland ap Ailil with them, as he promises that his conversion is real and Tristan is able to see that it is true. When they arrive in Queen Lenore’s under ground base for the Resistance Alonzo shares some fine wine he stole from King Galamord’s ship and everyone celebrates the success of the crew. The Queen and Danwyn consider trying to use Reah’s power against Meilge, but Chief convinces them that the Oracle would be more useful to them alive and in person, for the wisdom she can offer is better than the power of the planetary essence. Queen Lenore agrees to follow the Oracle’s instructions and allow Reah to transfer all her power to the Oracle rather than try to use it herself against the usurper king.

The Lost Princess: A Spectacular Escape
Season 3: Episode 21

Once the alarm goes off Chief goes straight the the cannons, and aided by Tristan and Reah, who increase the heat and combustibility of the cannon balls he opens fire on the other enemy airship, and it immediately bursts into flames in an enormous explosion. As the airship takes off guards fire enormous bolts into the airship from mounted crossbows, causing it to immediately lose altitude. Blodwen takes out one of the mounted crossbows by shrinking it and Reah calls up an air elemental to attack the others. The enemies summon an air elemental of their own to fight Reah’s and the elementals battle one another until both are spent.Two flame throwering guards attempt to light the ship on fire from their posts on the cannon walls, but chief and Tristan fire on them, sending them dodging for cover while Alonzo also muddles their senses, throwing off their aim.

Reah creates an enormous oaken shield to go around the blimp envelope so that the ship ceases losing altitude, but just when it seems they are home free enemy soldiers swing onto the ship from the canyon walls and begin to attack. A group in the front fights with Reah, and although she summons up a fist of air to punch a couple of them off the ship the rest continue fighting and manage to get a few small hits on her. Alonzo attempts to manipulate the emotions of the soldiers to throw them off, while Tristan and his squad of freedom fighters defend Fred while he pilots the ship. Blodwen puts in a distress signal to Ygraine, and Chief comes up from the hold and begins messing with time, throwing many of the guards into a temporal flux where they perceive everything as happening more quickly and are unable to react effectively.

As the guards continue to fight Alonzo taunts one group until they are enraged, but they are moving so slowly thanks to Chief, that their anger only makes them easier for him to disarm. Blodwen uses transformations to aid her friends in combat, giving chief claws and Reah natural armor, like an armadillo’s skin, she also gives one of the enemy combatants the head of an ass, which distracts him and his comrades. Alonzo finally convinces the enemies in the middle of the ship to surrender, given that they have no weapons, Chief tears into the group at the back of the ship with his new claws, while Tristan moves to the bow to assist Reah with the gang she has been fighting single-handedly all this time.

Just when it seems the Resistance fighters are getting the upper hand Baron Lackland leaps aboard and catches Sally with his sword at her throat. He commands the others not to resist and they are forced to drop their weapons due to the mind-control of his Sovereign art. The Baron points his sword at Alonzo, and threatens to kill him if they don’t immediately hand over the essence. Alonzo stalls Baron Lackland by asking him how he found his way out of the Dreaming when he left the trod during their ambush back outside Revel Grove. The Baron responds by monologuing about his brilliant tactics for finding his way back to a trod and while the Baron is distracted Volf, who is still below deck, uses Saining to find out the Baron’s true name and alter his nature to make him favorable toward the Resistance.

Alonzo then tries to say something friendly to the Baron to confuse him, but to everyone’s surprise the Baron smiles at Alonzo and thanks him for his kindness. He proceeds to put down his sword, release them from their bondage to him and confess he doesn’t know why he was fighting them. He declares his loyalty to Princess Lenore and asks everyone to forgive him. The Baron’s guards, however, aren’t too happy, especially that ones that Alonzo made unthinkingly furious. They attack Alonzo, and when they knock him over the planetary essence that was in his pocket is knocked to the group where it shatters at Reah’s feet sending and billowing purple smoke out around her, which twists around her like a small cyclone and then is absorbed into her.

Reah can feel a burning power coursing through her unlike any she has ever felt before, her skin begins to glow and her eyes shine with a burning white flame. Her hair raises up in the air some, with light shining out of every strand. She, and everyone else stands still for a long moment, stunned by her sudden transformation. The enemy combatants realize she could finish them and decide to take out Alonzo while they can. The Baron tries to pull them off of him but they won’t listen. Reah tries to push the enemies away from Alonzo with some wind, but ends up pushing every person on board into a pile at the back of the ship. Alonzo then convinces the enemies that if they surrender he’ll make sure Reah doesn’t harm them, and out of self-preservation they do.

Finally Ygraine arrives and seeing that everything is in hand turns her ship around and follows them out into the open air of the bottomless chasm. Alonzo and the Resistance fighters tie up the Baron’s former men but the Baron doesn’t know what to about Reah. Alonzo convinces him to stop worrying about Reah and show him where the alcohol is on the vessel.


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