Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

Crossover Destinies


1995, June: Ygraine has her Chrysalis at fifeteen, and runs away from home and her abusive father with a handsome Spriggan rogue she just met named Jack Rackham. Jack takes her into the Dreaming seeking adventure but ends up getting her imprisoned in a nightmare realm that is a gargantuan factory where she is forced to work maintaining it’s gigantic clockwork machinations for the next seven years.

1996, February: Cassandra goes through her Chrysalis and is lured into the Dreaming by a mysterious musician who promises to make her a master violist. She will spend the next decade and a half mostly in the Dreaming and has aged little as a result.

2000, July: Fred, who is twelve and already has had his Chrysalis, goes on a camping trip shortly with his changeling parents. In the interest of being prepared he packs everything but the kitchen sink including a TV, VCR and home-made solar power generator. When the camp is attacked by a Nunnehi werebear, Fred throws a TV at his head.

Blodwen, a young girl whose family was staying at a nearby camp site rushes forward then and calls out for Fred to stop. She slowly walks forward to the werebear and sooths him. Slowly he began to calm down and turned to leave. Speaking so only the changelings present could hear he agreed to leave the campers alone as long as they left this Nunnehi territory which they were trespassing on.

Fred’s family leaves the campsite that night, taking a trod through the Dreaming. Unfortunately they become lost along the way in a dark and creepy realm. Searching for shelter they come upon the home of a Sluagh, Cassandra who invites them in, gives them hospitality for the night, and helps them get back on their way.

2002, November: Ygraine finds a magic compass deep in the bowels of the factory that helps her find her way out of it’s steam-filled brick and steel labyrinths. Upon escaping the nightmare factory she is picked up by an airship captain named Starbuck, commander of the Airship named Skysloop. A fellow Nocker, Starbuck sees Ygraine’s natural mechanical talent and trains her in all hse needs to know to maintain the airship. Rather than return to the mortal world Ygraine spends the next decade and a half of her life in the Dreaming, exploring, seeking rare treasures and running errands with Captain Starbuck. She works her way up to first mate in his crew.

2008, April: Reahlynn possesses sixteen-year-old Keily and begins to focus on her position as a knight of the Seelie Court in Pittsburgh.

2009, August: Cassandra joins the Rennfest as a violinist and draws large crowds to her performances. She becomes friends with a few other musicians and forms a musical group.

2010, November: Shortly after his chrysalis Alonzo is discovered by a Troll who explains what is happening to him. He had thought he was starting to go mad and had gone to an Annapolis bar to drink his troubles away. By the time they left the bar Alonzo and the Troll had become fast friends. As they were leaving they were jumped by a chimerical monster that looked a like giant spider. The spider attacked the troll first as he looked to be more dangerous, and quickly had him pinned to the ground. As the spider bent down to bite into the troll, Alonzo rushed in and struck a killing blow saving the troll from certain death. Fred walks up with a sawed off shotgun and promptly unloads into the second spider that had been sneaking up behind Alonzo, blowing a large hole in it’s torso. Alonzo and his new friend are shocked at the timeliness of his assistance.

After killing the spiders Alonzo’s new troll friend and Fred introduce him to the Rennfest. They are talking about the spider attack with Blodwen, an old friend of Fred’s from the Kingdom of Apples who believes that there must be more to the issue, perhaps something is causing the spiders to leave their home? She convinces them to track down where the spiders were coming from and find a larger monster who has displaced them due to it’s home being destroyed by banality. Blodwen arranges a truce between the spiders and the other monster so that they live together. This stops the spiders from attacking people randomly while trying to find a new home.

2010, December: Alonzo uses his knowledge of boats to get him a place on an airship. He works his way up in position on the Hawk, a small smuggling vessel captained by Henry Blood, a redcap, and eventually becomes the second mate.

2011, October: One of Cassandra’s musician friends is killed after rogue changelings had used Rhapsody on her, leaving Cassandra guardian of her fourteen year old child, Athena, another gifted violinist.

2011, December: Blodwen flees the scene of the Queen Mab’s assassination. Ygraine is in Queen Mab’s freehold with Captain Starbuck doing some scouting in the Kingdom of Apples on behalf of Duke Maelgwyn. Ygraine tries to get Blodwen out but loses sight of her when guards attempt to arrest her, having deemed her suspicious as an outsider. Blodwen gets away but is hit by a car as she flees across the open country, and the blow induces amnesia.

2014, May: Reah arrives in the Duchy of Chesapeake with no connections to the local freehold. She finds comfort and strength from the natural beauty of the Chesapeake region, but knows she needs to begin forming connections in order to make headway towards her goal of becoming the freehold’s number one knight.

Alonzo returns from a smuggling run and notices Reah is new and a bit of a loner. Though she was initially apprehensive of spending time with a scruffy nerf herder like him, her being a princess; they bonded over their love of exploring the natural world and he agreed to help her make friends.

2014, June: Ygraine settles in Annapolis and gets a part time job at Spark’s Pawn Shop where she takes old and cast off items and reworks them into new, artistic mechanical creations that look to be of a bygone era which she then sells at her booth in the Renn Fest.

2014, September: When Reah finesses herself an invitation to a banquet on a cruise boat on the bay, Fred, who knows Reah through Alonso has a premonition that something will go wrong on the boat and manages to get aboard as the ship’s engineer when the usual engineer falls ill as fate would have it. When the engine breaks down Fred is able to fix it again, earning a pat on the back from the duke, who also takes notice of Reah as a result and makes her one of his guards.

2015, March: The same rogue changelings responsible for her mother’s death attempt to kidnap Athena. Cassandra follows the kidnappers into the Dreaming along with Reah who had been standing guard over the rath when the renegades knocked her down and escaped through to the other side. Inside the Dreaming Ygraine spots the kidnappers from her airship and guides Cassandra and Reah to them. Reah attacks and takes down one of the kidnappers. Realizing how outnumbered he is the remaining renegade changeling drops Athena and flees further into the Dreaming.

2015, April: Blodwen, now a veterinary student, attends the Rennfest with friends and her fae soul is reawakened. She wanders into a stable and finds herself staring at a real unicorn. Cassandra steps out of the shadows to explain to Blodwen what is going on but then realizes she has not gone through a Chrysalis but is suffering from some kind of amnesia. From Blodwen’s confused murmurings Cassandra pieces together that Blodwen might have been a former acquaintance of Ygraine who had gone missing sometime ago. Cassandra offers to take Blodwen to see Ygraine.

Ygraine is elated that Blodwen has finally resurfaced but is frustrated when Blodwen doesn’t seem to remember anything. Yelling at her, however, Ygraine applies just enough pressure to jar Blodwen’s mind and help her remember some of her past, though she still doesn’t quite remember what she saw the night of the Queen’s murder. Ygraine advises Blodwen to keep her past a secret, in case those involved in the assassination are still out to silence her on the chance she could expose them.

A week later Blodwen is drawn to the sensation of glamour coming from a classroom on campus and finds Zach/Volf, a mild-mannered philosophy major and dark satyr warrior, going through his Chrysalis. Blodwen takes Volf to meet her friends at the Rennfest who she tells him will help him become acclimated to his new existence.

2015, May: Captain Starbuck uses Ygraine’s magic compass to lead him into the Deep Dreaming in search of the wreck of the Endeavor: the first airship ever made, piloted by the legendary Captain Hugo Ransom, which had crashed in a formerly unknown location filled with untold treasure. Unfortunately, though they find the Endeavor, they also find the creature that had destroyed it: the Cloud Kraken, with its enormous black tendrils flailing and shooting about to grab anything in the air and pull it back into the thick cumulus clouds that rumble with thunder from within. The Skysloop is immediately seized by the Kraken, which proceeds to devour the captain and begins to start in on the crew.

Reah gets word of Ygraine’s ship in distress when a courier pigeon sent by Captain Starbuck prior to his death reaches her. Seeing an opportunity for her to do what knight’s do best, save people from monsters, she goes to Alonzo for a ride. Alonzo’s captain Blood is eager to help since this would give him a leg up in his somewhat friendly rivalry with Captain Starbuck. They set sail for the Deep Dreaming immediately little knowing the true horror of what they are about to face.

When the Hawk arrives their crew find the Skysloop crashed and its crew are scattered about with some hiding in the Endeavor as the Kraken lures them out one by one and picks them off. Being a hothead Captain Blood carries out an ill-advised full frontal assault on the Kraken which results in his ship crushed in its tentacles and himself eaten. The survivors of the Hawk then join the Skysloop’s crew dodging the Kraken and hiding. Alonzo is able to spot a crucial engine part among the Hawk’s wreckage which Ygraine is able to use to patch up the Skysloop enough for them to take off. The Kraken manages to grab the ship with a long tentacle but Volf uses his art to transform the suckers on the tendril so it could no longer hold the airship, allowing them to escape.

The survivors of the two crews agree to team up aboard the Skysloop with Ygraine as their new captain. They have little time to rest as not long after their return to the Rennfest Cappy, a Redcap who worked with Starbuck in the past hires Ygraine and her crew to transport a shipment of Featherwood from the Near Dreaming side of Revel Grove into a distant outer space world in the Far Dreaming known as Aballon, where there is a mining a colony on a floating city made of wrecked airships. Knowing the rough reputation of the colony Ygraine decides to hire Chief, a troll mercenary with a reputation for being brave and honorable, for added security.

The Life of Dana Gale
Season 2, Ep 1:

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The Lost Princess: The Winter Banquet
Season 3, Episode 1

Preparations are underway for Duke Maelgwyn’s Winter Feast being held the evening of the Winter Solstice. All changeling in the freehold are invited to contribute to the festivities. Ygraine offers to furnish some of her mechanical scrap metal dragon sculptures as centerpieces for the table, and Chief gets involved directing and coordinating. Due to their recent involvement in saving the freehold from the Modern Mothers and the Trope People Ygraine and Chief, along with Reah, Fred, Cassandra and Alonzo, are being invited as the Duke’s guests of honor to the feast.

Ygraine asks Chief if he wants to go to the feast as a pair “since that’s how things are traditionally done”. Chief asks Ygraine if this is a date and she says they don’t need to make a big thing of it, it’s just what’s expected for an event like this, but he agrees to meet her at the Queen’s Gate and escort her to the feast.

The Duke asks Reah to see him the day before the feast. He assures her that as a guest at the feast she should relax since her duties as Captain of the Guard will be covered by her lieutenant. Duke Maelgwyn also asks Reah if she might accept him as her escort to the feast, and after sleeping on the decision she decides to do so.

The Duke also speaks with Chief, and, being impressed by his leadership skills, offers him a position within the freehold, even giving him the chance to name the area in which he thinks he would be most useful. The Duke also suggests that Chief should look into his past more.

The Lost Princess: The Tax Man Cometh
Season 3, Episode 2

Duke Maelgwyn holds a Winter Solstice feast in the great hall of the castle. Entertainment is provided by the finest fae performers at the Fair, including Cassandra, who is also one of the Duke’s guests. The Duke circulates and meets with his guests, accompanied by Reah. Ygraine is feeling grouchy because Chief failed to meet with her.

Suddenly the evening’s festivities are halted when the door bursts open and King Meilge’s tax collector, Baron Lackland, arrives. Room is made at the Duke’s table for the Baron, who seems hesitant to sit down with so many Commoners, but soon acquiesces. The Baron informs the Duke that the Festival has not provided enough dross for the quarter, as the required amount has gone up.

In the meantime some of the Baron’s knights accaust Chief in the parking lot demanding he allow them to search him. When he complies and they find nothing they demand to search his car and refuses. The knights threaten him so he knocks one down and takes the other’s sword. He locks the swords in his car and has the knights escort him to the Duke. When they arrive in the Duke’s great hall the Baron demands that Chief be imprisoned and the Duke allows it with the caveat that a proper investigation into the events must be conducted in order to determine Chief’s guilt.

Alonzo slips away during the commotion and goes straight to Chief’s car, breaking in and taking the tuba case with Chief’s weapon out. The Baron’s knights return to the car to collect their swords and catch Alonzo but he pretends the case contains his own tuba and takes it back to his yellow VW van for safe keeping.

Chief, meanwhile, is locked up in the storage closet in the castle’s basement.

The Lost Princess: Fugitives
Season 3, Episode 3

Chief is tried in the Duke’s great hall with Maelgwyn presiding. The Baron prosecutes Chief because although they were not able to find any weapons on him he did attack the King’s Men and refused to comply with their orders. At the Baron’s demands Chief is sentenced to a year hard labor and sent back to his holding cell to await transport. The Baron further explains that they have received intelligence of Resistance supporters at the Renassaince Festival and that is why Chief and others have been stopped and searched. He says the resistance is another reason why it is necessary for the King to raise taxes.

The Duke protests the increased tax demands, but Lackland explains that the coming of Winter has causes glamour shortages across Utopiana, specifically in urban areas, so freeholds with a relative abundance of glamour are expected to give more in order that it might be sent where it is most needed. The Duke explains that they cannot meet his increased demands. But Lackland insists that they have two days for everyone to cough up two dross.

The King’s Men also confiscate all weapons from commoners, including Ygraine’s ship. Ygraine decides to sneak away with her ship under cover of darkness rather than let it be taken. Chief in the meantime escapes from his cell, intimidates his guard to stand down, arms himself with a knife and cleaver from the kitchen and sneaks out the back. Just as Ygraine and Fred are getting ready to sneak out the airship Chief arrives and they agree they need to get to the ship as fast as they can.

When the crew arrive at the Rath it is guarded by two sidhe and Reah, the captain of the guard is there as well, checking on things and trying to avoid getting caught up in what she suspected would happen after what the baron did to Chief. Chief creates a distraction by throwing one of Fred’s grenades and blowing up a shop stall nearby and Reah directs the guards to see to it while she looks for the cause of the explosion. The others ask Reah to come with them and they pretend to kidnap her as they slip into the Dreaming and blow up the Rath’s gatehouse behind them.

They find themselves in a mystical, frost-covered forest and decide they need to go see the King and appeal to him about the unjust actions of the Duke. Fred knows of an old seldom used path that leads to the King’s Freehold, Willow’s Heart, by way of the Chesapeake House, the former Maryland Duke’s freehold.

The Lost Princess: A Mission from the Duke
Season 3, Episode 4

Ygraine, Chief, Fred and Reah arrive at the docked airship within the dreaming just in time to see that Baron Lackland’s men are already there. They sneak through the trees to get as close as possible to the ship and then Chief casts a cantrip to slow down the guards so that he and his companions can get to the ship before they even realize what’s happening. He casts the same cantrip a second time, this time speeding up his group, so that they fully get away before the baron’s men can react. Rising above the enchanted forest they see the silver path of a river going southeast towards the Bay, and they follow it.

When Baron Lackland hears that the fugitives have kidnapped Reah, the Duke’s guard, he is suspicious that the Duke might have been involved in their escape.

Alonzo goes to the Duke to ask him for a loan so he can pay his taxes, but the Duke informs him about the disappearance of his friends, and asks if he knows where they might have gone. The Duke lets Alonzo know that he is thinking of supporting the Resistance, who claim that Princess Lenore, High King David’s heir, is still alive. He wants Alonzo to tell his friends about the Princess and the Resistance, and ask them to join with the Resistance and help the members of the freehold who are about to be imprisoned by Baron Lackland.

Alonzo gets Cassandra and Cilia and they head to the Annapolis Harbor where Alonzo’s sailboat is. He sails across the bay to a little island on the Eastern Shore where he knows Ygraine often goes to hide necessary items. He gets there and passes through a tree into the Dreaming just as Ygraine and her ship are passing by overhead and calls out to get her attention. Ygraine asks Alonzo what he’s doing there and when he responds that he has been given a mission and needs their help she lets him, Cilia and Cassandra up. Ygraine makes it clear that she expects an apology from Alonzo, but he instead goes straight to business and tells her he has a mission for them from the Duke.

The crew debates whether to go try to appeal to the King as Chief had suggested or search for the Lost Princess as Alonzo is urging. They ultimately decide that if they can find a store of glamour within the Near Dreaming, such as a dragon’s horde, they could use it to pay off the King’s Tax Collector. Fred remembers that there is a deserted freehold nearby and decides to take the group there. The only problem is the place is haunted by the ghost of the former Duchess who was killed by her own adopted child, a member of the Children’s Brigade, a ring of childling assassins operated by the Shadow Court.

The Lost Princess: Chesapeake House
Season 3, Episode 5

The crew sails along the shoreline of the Dreaming’s Chesapeake Bay, spotting sunken ships, a mermaid, Chessy, and even some giant crabs. When they come to Chesapeake House they find it is very much a haunted house tainted by dark glamour.

The Dreaming side of the house is incredibly dark and creepy, it is an enormous house which is festering and deserted with blighted dead lands around it. As soon as the airship is anchored in the lawn Alonzo runs in to find the treasure and the door shuts and locks behind him separating him from the group. He finds some shiny junk but is jumped by a spider-bear that mauls his shoulder.

Unable to follow through the Door Ygraine and the others break through a nearby window and find themselves in a destroyed sitting room where the shadows are congealing into solid swarms of countless inky black insects engulfing the room. Cassandra freezes the insects nearby, then Fred pulls out a flamethrower and blasts a burning path through the insects, which Ygraine then drops pieces of furniture onto in order to make a way to the door. Ygraine and Cassandra make it across, but Fred is too slow and gets caught the bugs, only escaping when causes him to be enshrouded in shadows so the bugs lose interest in him.

Ygraine and the others make it out into the hall in time to see Alonzo stab the Spider-bear through the heart and kill it.

The Lost Princess: Lighting the Darkness
Season 3, Episode 6

Reah heals Alonzo, who turns into fox form to make the healing easier for Reah’s nature magic. Cilia is able to use her keen glamour sense to pinpoint the direction of the balefire, and finds it behind a locked a door towards the end of the hall. Alonzo picks the lock, but when the door opens he finds himself staring up at an enormous and hideous creature.

Alonzo manages to somehow befriend the creature, which turns out to be a Basilisk (a demonic rooster with snake neck and tail) by giving it a steak sandwich and petting it on the head. The black moving shadows made out of insects then come pouring through the cracks into the hall and everyone rushes into the dark room and shuts the door behind them. Inside, however, it is pitch black and when they turn on the lights they are in an enormous dining hall is crawling with monstrous chimera as well including giant spiders, wolves with human heads, and more basilisks.

The ghost of the murdered Duchess, fair and sad, appears and commands them to leave, but they are able to win her over, claiming they are are seeking her glamour to help her subjects. The ghost then shines a light through the room opening up a path past the monsters to the balefire on the other side. The balefire is a tangle of vines in the fireplace covered in glistening, sparkly ice. Reah draws the vines out of the fireplace and commands them to roll into balls, which she and the other characters take and put into their bags.

The monsters attack then, the two basilisks going after Alonzo’s basilisk friend, Bwak, while the other creatures encircle the group. Reah destroys the first line of monsters by unleashing an arch of flying ice blades while Alonzo tries to save his basilisk friend and Cilia channels her power to open a trod through the balefire to the other side. The trod opens but Alonzo is not able to save Bwak, Cilia uses Sovereign to force him to abandon his friend rather than stay behind and be overwhelmed by nightmare chimera.

The group suddenly finds themselves on the floor of a deserted living room in what seems to be some kind of mansion. Annabelle steps out of the shadows along with the Duchess’ ghost and invites the characters to Chesapeake House.

The Lost Princess: Saving the Duchy
Season 3, Episode 7

Annabelle, the sluagh who lives on the Autumn side of Chesapeake House, tries to convince the characters not to hand over their huge haul of dross to the King’s Men. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where the Princess might be but she assures the group that she can get in touch with her contacts if they are willing to prove their loyalty to the Princess by handing over the Dross they’ve gathered to her. The crew says they are willing to give their dross up to the princess so Annabelle opens a way for them to return to the Dreaming and gives Ygraine a locket with a mirror that she can use to contact her.

Once back in the Dreaming the group finds that night has fallen and monsters from the haunted house are prowling around the airship. In order to lead them off Alonzo transforms into a fox and runs around the yard, leading them away from the rest of the crew. Some of the monsters, however, notice the crew and rush them. Seeing Ygraine about to get pounced on Chief uses a board from the dock where they are standing to catapult her over the beast’s head toward where the ship is hovering over the lawn. He is quick enough to avoid the attack himself, as is Reah, and Fred is sneaky enough to avoid being detected at all.

Once in the ship Fred man’s turret gun and mows down a bunch of the nightmare chimera while Ygraine hangs off the side of the ship and scoops up Alonzo as they sail past. Since she has no combat skills Cilia agreed to carry Alonzo’s things, although the task would generally have been beneath her.


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