Boggans (aka Homebodies, Leprichauns, Gnomes…) are formed from dreams of hearth and home. They tend to be personifications of good hosting/stewardship, and an honorable work ethic. However, they also can embody the “greater good” in a classical Marxist sense; more than a few have found the idea of a Worker’s Paradise appealing. Just because they are the very embodiment of a working class, doesn’t mean they are pushovers…
Appearance: They must be short with earth-toned skin and simple unassuming or warm and friendly features. Many have round pudgy faces, stout builds, hairy bodies, thick or long eyebrows, large brown or blue eyes, thick hair, leaves in hair, leathery or barky skin.
Affinity: Actor
Birthrights and Frailty:
Craftwork: So long as they’re unobserved, Boggans are able to accomplish any task involving simple physical labor in one-third the normal time. This is because they spend the other 2/3rds of the time daydreaming and procrastinating, and make up for it by doing all the work at the end. They suffer no negative situational modifiers on crafts rolls
Social Dynamics: By making a Empathy (or Deceit) roll, a Boggan may sense how everyone is in relationship to one another. The difficulty can range from Average (a garage band) to Fantastic (US Senate, or a royal ball full of intrigue)
Call of the Needy: Whenever a Boggan sees someone in need, hey must make a difficulty Great Will roll to avoid assisting.

Eshu (aka Wanderers, Spriggan…) are dreams of wanderlust and stories of the road. Originally, White Wolf made the unfortunate mistake of lumping them in as the “noneuropean-but-still Concordian Fae” archetype, and they tended to fall into the Magical Negro archetype. Way to go! Let us be honest though; travel is one of the core concepts of the heroic Journey, so a lot of Changelings do travel, but the Eshu generally cannot settle down. They need the adventure or they seem to fade away somehow.
Appearance: They must have exotic, unusual looking features, hairdos and styles of dress with a fancy, yet weathered or windswept appearance. Suggested features include large dark, starry or multi-colored eyes, long braided hair and beards, elongated limbs or digits, wings of any sort, colorful skin.
Affinity: Stage
Birthrights and Frailty:
Spirit Pathways: All Eshu have a perfect sense of time and location. They never have to worry about getting lost and can always retrace their steps with perfect clarity.
Master Talecrafters: Eshu suffer no negative situational modifiers onTalecrafting checks. They get +2 on a skill roll that is part of a performance (Do we need to create a performance skill?.
Recklessness: Eshu cannot resist challenges or quests if there is a way to come out of it alive. This is due to a belief in their own plot armor.

Nockers (aka Crafters, Dwarves, Goblins…) are dreams of inspiration and wonder found in SCIENCE! Seelie Nockers tend to work with classical elementals and traditional technology such as steam; many build stupid tricks you wouldn’t see outside of Dwarf Fortress. Unseelie Nockers work more with modern technology, computers, etc. Unlike most other Kiths, the Nockers don’t really have a big rivalry between the Seelie/Unseelie and they do actually work together on collaborative projects.
Appearance: Their appearance should be suited to the type of work they do, and be twisted, gnarled or wizened in some way. Sturdy and stocky or sinewy and dexterous build, small black or gray eyes, dark colored or silvery hair, pale or rosy skin, swirling colored marks in the skin, extremely long fingers, large or beady eyes, sharp angular features, toothless, pointy teeth, metallic skin or hair.
Affinity: Prop
Birthrights and Frailty:
Forge Chimera: Nockers have the innate ability to take chimerical materials and form a composite alloy of them, provided they can make Crafts Roll while nobody is watching. Forged Chimera is at +2 to resist banality, and can selectively have properties of numerous types of dreamstuff.
Fix-It: A Nocker can add their Provoke skill to their Crafts roll to fix anything by swearing at it and kicking it. Additionally, choose one anachronistic (Seelie), or hi-tech (Unseelie) type of device. You get + bonus to all workings with this.
Flaws: Everything the Nocker builds will have a small imperfection in it. Everything.

Pooka (aka Tricksters, Fauns, Anansi…) are the collected work of stories involving animals. While traditionally the result of many stories of animal trickery (Reynard the Fox, Brer Rabbit, Loki, etc.), there have been numerous changes recently. “Funny Animals”, such as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, as well as beast moralities like Animal Farm or Watership Down, have altered a lot of perception of animals, and the Pooka have adapted accordingly. Pooka are…infamous. A perennial favorite of Fishmalk players, unfortunately.
Appearance: Must have the features of some animal whether it be an animal’s head or half it’s body, or finer details such as fur, scales, feathers, hoofs, talons, claws, wings, snouts, beaks, tails, and so on. Often pooka favor sly animals or animals that appear in popular fables.
Affinity: Nature
Birthrights and Frailty:
Shapechanging: Select an animal of choice at character creation. When not witnessed by anyone, a Pooka can spend a Glamour point to shapeshift into that animal. It costs no Glamour to shift back. Chimerical gear shifts alongside, but normal gear doesn’t.
Confidant: Once during any conversation, a Pooka can roll Empathy/Deceit (Difficulty=target’s Will). Each success ensures one truthful answer, as information gets coaxed/tricked out.
Lies: Pooka require a difficulty Great Willroll to tell the whole truth. This is the classic reason fishmalks played them…this doesn’t mean they lie directly per se, but may use metaphor, doublespeak, or answering a question with another question. E.g. “Did you slip roofies to my horse?” “What kind of retarded question is that?”

Redcaps (aka Savages, Minotaurs, Harpies, Ogres…) are a personification of hunger incarnate.
Appearance: Must be built either swarthy or bony with sinewy muscles, leathery tanned or ashen skin, large mouths and pointy ears. Other possible features include flat or razor teeth, fur, horns, tails, features of ravenous animals like wild dogs or pigs or even snakes, bloodshot or all black eyes, pointy ears, bow legs, hunched backs, barrel chests or pot bellies, extra long arms or legs, dark eyes, wild hair with red streaks, face paint, some form of actual red hat.
Affinity: Nature
Birthrights and Frailty:
Dark Appetite: Also known as the OmNomNom ablity. A Redcap can eat anything. Anything. Particularly toxic materials, such as copies of Twilight require Glamour to properly digest. In combat, a Redcap can spend a point of glamour to bite a foe for a difficulty 5 attack, doing Strength+2 Aggravated Damage. Alternatively, by rolling difficulty 8 with this attack and scoring 5 successes (3 if the target was grappled), the opponent has a nasty case of severed limb or severed head.
Bully Browbeat: A Redcap can intimidate anything into obeying. Anything. This includes Chimera, assault rifles, what have you. They have +1 to all Provoke rolls on top of this.
Bad Attitude: Redcaps add +2 to the difficulty of all social rolls except Browbeating.

Satyrs (aka Naturalists, Nymphs, Sirens…) are passion incarnate, and the strive for excellence. While most people remember them for their song wine and sexings, they also strive for excellence in the classical sports and humanities.
Appearance: Must have stout or athletic builds with ruddy, vivacious features and wild hair. May also have earth toned skin and hair, horns or antlers, tails, fur, other animal features like goat legs or fish tail, plant materials in hair.
Affinity: Ephemera
Birthrights and Frailty:
Gift of Pan: A Satyr can use anything from singing, music, dance, pot, or excellent food, as part of a ritual to bring people into passion. Anyone who witnesses this and fails a Will roll (difficulty Good) gets caught up in the fun. After an hour, the Banality rating of everyone in the area temporarily drops by 1 point per Satyr playing, so long as the Satyrs keep performing. When the song is over, the Banality returns at the rate of one point per hour.
Physical Prowess: A Satyr gets +2 to Physique rolls involving chimera, and when not witnessed by mortals may run at double the speed of a mortal human. Regardless of form, they do not suffer negative situational modifiers to Athletic rolls.
Passion’s Curse: Add +2 to the difficulty of all Will rolls.

Sidhe (aka Gentry, Orisha, Alvar, Djinni…) are dreams of rulership. In the past, this was known as the divine right of kings, or providence, and most commoners accepted them with little question. However, ever since the Sundering, people have come across such ideas as personal freedom, human rights, democracy, and the Sidhe are faced with an increasingly hostile world.
Appearance: Must be tall and slender with beautiful facial features and pointed ears. May also have large rainbow or jewel colored eyes, brightly or pastel colored skin or highlights, Glowing or sparkling skin and eyes, long hair blown back from face, flowers growing from hair, angelic, butterfly or gossamer wings.
Affinity: None
Birthrights and Frailty:
Awe and Beauty: This ability only works on Enchanted and stuff of the Dreaming (including chimerae, Kithain, etc), unless the Wyrd is invoked. Add 2 to Rapport and any rolls involving appearance. If people want to attack you, they must roll Will at difficulty equal to 5your Title, with the title number as the target number of successes (Extended rolls may be taken, but failures cancel out all successes).
Noble Bearing: All Cantrips designed to make a Sidhe look foolish fail automatically. They suffer no negative situational modifiers to Rapport Rolls
Banality’s Curse: Sidhe suffer -2 to resist the affects of Banality (and Incredulity gets a +2 when used against them).

Sluagh (aka Creepers, Liches, Ghouls…) are those that go bump in the night. They tend to be spooky Nosferatu wannabes, which makes them better than many others.
Appearance: Must be Deathly and corpselike with pale or ashen skin. Other suggested features include have horns, fur, scales, sickly black, green or yellow spots, watery or slimy appearance, webbed digits, suction fingers, black feathered or bat-like wings, accompanied by clouds of fog, dark smoke or lingering shadows.
Affinity: Prop
Birthrights and Frailty:
Slippery Skulkers: Add +1 to any roll involving being dexterous when not in the presence of mortals; suffers no negative situational modifiers to Stealth rolls.
Sharp Senses: May roll Notice to pierce Supernatural darkness; suffers no negative situational modifiers to Notice rolls.
Silent Speech: May not speak above a whisper. Add +2 to the difficulty of Rapport rolls. Doesn’t stack with other similar penalties.

Trolls (aka Guardians, Centaurs, Valkyries, Yeti…) literally embody the phrase “Strength and Honor.”
Appearance: A powerful, muscular build and grim countenance is a must. May also have horns, fur, blue, or purple skin, angelic wings, elemental features such as stoney, oaken, icy or fiery skin.
Affinity: Actor
Birthrights and Frailty:
Titan’s Might: +2 Chimerical to resist chimerical attacks.
Stubborn: Whenever you need to roll Will to resist an action to violate your oath, you get +2.
Oathbound: Should a Troll violate an oath he loses Titan’s Might, in addition to other side effects, until the action is atoned for.


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