Setting Info

Basic info on the creation of the freeholds.

The main location (or set of locations really) is the maryland renaissance festival. It is a very large freehold, with many changelings who live and work there. Many changelings pass through as well. The faire is a little different than in real life, one of the biggest changes is that it is open year round.

Behind the back of the fairgrounds there is a meadow with a grove of massive oak trees. They are in a perfect circle, and for some time a coven of “wiccans” has been holding ceremonies here. Unknown to them there is a Mage (Jason Harmon of the Order of Hermes) among them. He has been researching a growing magical energy that seems to be emanating from the center of the ring of oaks. He is hoping that he will be able harvest Tass from it. One night during one of the “ceremonies” the trees begin to shake and shudder, as one by one the trees waken from their slumber. For these trees are in fact ancient Kuberas Inanimae. Most of the so-called wiccans flee in terror but a few stick around and witness Jason who has a rather extended conversation with them. At the exact moment that the Kuberas begin to awaken the center of tree circle, which is a baelfire that has been slowly growing, bursts into a bonfire. It doesn’t last at these levels for long, but it does last long enough for a motley of Changlings to show up, drawn to the growing Glamour energies.

A bargain is struck that night, between a Mage, five Kuberas, three humans, a Sidhe, a Troll, and two Boggans. A fairground will be built here, and it will be a place that will both encourage belief in magic and be a place of dreams. The humans will be enchanted so as to be a part of the changeling world in return for allowing the fair to be built on their land. The Mage and Changelings will help provide protection for the Kuberas. And the Kuberas will handle most of the business decisions, as well as sharing their baelfire. The Mage will also be allowed to harvest Tass here, although, none of them are really sure if there will be any, but the Mage is hopeful.

As time went on, the number of patrons grew and one day a second larger Baelfire burst into existence inside the fairgrounds, fueled by the dreams and hopes of the faire’s patrons. This baelfire has grown steadily as the faire has grown, and with it, the number of Changelings at the freehold have grown with it. In addition Tass has become more common here and a few more Mages have joined Jason. The number of Enchanted have also increased. This freehold has become one of the largest on the eastern seaboard.

Setting Info

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