The Basics

Incredulity (skill): Overcomes glamour created aspects, You can use Incredulity to create aspects on yourself representing how doubtful, logical or incredulous you are. Incredulity can be used to attack glamour tracks, draining your opponent of glamour; chimera can be killed in this way. Incredulity defends against magical attacks, canceling out success from the opponent’s Wyrd roll.
Consequences of Incredulity: When a changeling actively uses Incredulity they will lose all Wyrd related advantages and knowledge and become normal mortals for the next 24 hours. Only after the 24 hours is past may they be re-enchanted and regain access to their Wyrd (until another changeling uses glamour to re-awaken them they will continue to not remember their true nature).

Wyrd (skill): Wyrd is used to overcome disbelief and influence others to be able to see and interact with chimerical reality, it can be used to create many different advantages when used in conjunction with the Fae Arts. On it’s own it can create aspects on people that have to do with being overwhelmed by emotion, or experiencing an imaginative, dreamlike or inspired state of mind, it can also be used to manifest chimera and fae meins on its own Wyrd is not used to attack, but when paired with certain Fae Arts it can be used to inflict either mental or physical damage, Wyrd is used to defend against Incredulity attacks.

Glamour Stress Track: The level of the stress track is equal to the Wyrd rating.

Loss of Glamour: Every time a changeling uses a Fae Art they must check off a box on their stress track, they may check off additional boxes to lower the difficulty of the action. Boxes are also checked off when the character suffers an incredulity attack.
Glamour Consequences: When all boxes are gone the character may no longer work Fae Arts. Every day the character goes without replenishing their glamour they must fill in either a physical or mental consequence slot as their bodies go through glamour withdrawals and their minds begin to reject their Wyrd knowledge.

Regaining Glamour: A fae may regain glamour in the following ways…
(1) Consume Chimera. A relavant skill must be used to find, grow or hunt the chimerical food or to convince someone who has it to give it to you. This is usually found in the Dreaming or around freeholds, though chimera can be found in the human world created by the dreams, beliefs and emotions of humans. In order to consume the Chimera it must be in some edible form.
(2) Oaths: Changelings gain glamour when they fulfill an oath to a human or when a human fulfills an oath to them.
(3) Epiphany is where through raw genius or badassness, a changeling spontaneously generates Glamour. To do this a changeling must succeed with Style on a skill roll related to creating or performing, or on a Wyrd roll (which would generate a chimerical creation by calling forth raw dreamstuff from the Dreaming). They must spend a point of glamour in order to make the roll and the glamour is lost even if the roll fails to achieve a success with style. It is recommended that when doing Epiphany a changeling set up some aspects to invoke to ensure that the roll not only succeeds but succeeds with style. A successful Epiphany will generate glamour equal to the successes rolled.
(4) Reverie is where you inspire a mortal to do create something original or to overcome some kind of internal or external problem. In order to do this you must get to know a mortal enough to know what their capabilities and obstacles are (and any rolls, such as Rapport, that might entail), then make the appropriate roll to get the human working on their goal (either convince them to get started or create an opportunity for them). If the mortal succeeds the number of successes on their roll generates that amount of glamour.
(5) Ravaging is where you use Incredulity to suck the dream energies out of a mortal. The Seelie Court officially outlaws Ravaging, but the Unseelie court says “Change is Good” and that messing up a person’s life can pull them out of a rut… Roll Incredulity to convince the human to give into their negative emotions or give up on a goal or project they are working on. Successes on the Incredulity roll generates glamour as the incredulity forces that glamour from the mortal leaving them with nothing but their negative feelings and emptiness.
(6) Rhapsody is forbidden by both Courts and for good reason. Rhapsody involves infusing a target with Glamour, such that they create a final masterpiece. However, they can never show creativity for the rest of their lives afterwards. As a result, those that practice Rhapsody often to kill their artists (or the artists kill themselves) once done. This is quicker than reverie since all a changeling has to do is spend a glamour point and make a Wyrd roll. If the Wyrd roll succeeds the human will slavishly work on whatever project they have always wanted to do. Once the project is complete the changeling must destroy it and in the act they will gain glamour equal to their Wyrd. The human will never be able to create something original using that skill again; whatever they set out to do, they will only create less successful versions of whatever the changeling destroyed.

Badlam: When Wyrd is higher than Incredulity the changeling takes a minor consequence (Glamour) for each level that Wryd is higher than Incredulity. These can be delusions, mild derangements, or penalties when dealing with people. These consequences do not count towards your consequence maximums.

Banality: When Incredulity is higher than Wyrd the changeling takes a minor consequence (Glamour) for each level that Incredulity is higher than Wryd. These can be difficulty remembering Wyrd related knowledge or suffering from a penalty to dealings with the fae. These consequences do not count towards your consequence maximums.

Echoes: Supernatural faerie weaknesses that affect changelings. Usually in the form of something changeling cannot do (cross running water, enter a church, turn down hospitality, etc) or something they must do (count spilled beans, answer three questions honestly, etc). Changelings must take an echo for each Art they possess. Echose can also be taken in place of the normal bedlam consequences.

Remembrance: Changelings have lived many lives in the past, those with higher Wyrd have more memories of their past lives. A changeling may use Wyrd in order to gain information from a past life that could prove useful to their present situation. 1 shift would give a vague answer, the number of additional shifts required is determined by the difficulty of or length of time needed for finding the specific information sought.

Calling on the Wyrd: Changelings may check off a glamour and mental stress boxes and roll Wyrd in order to cause their chimerical appearance and fae mein to manifest to humans.

Enchantment: Changelings may check off a glamour stress box and roll Wyrd in order to enchant a person instantaneously. If the glamour is infused into a physical gift ahead of time no Wyrd roll is needed.

Oathmaking: Changelings may infuse oaths with power by spending a glamour. An oath paces an aspect on each person involved that describes that person’s task and benefit gained from the oath. If the oath is broken it will inflict a consequence on the transgressor slightly greater than the benefit.

Dreamwalking: A changeling may enter the dreams of another person through entering the Dreaming, if they have a connections established with the person, either through a dreaming oath, the person’s true name, a part of the person, or a thing that is very important to them. Once they enter the person’s dream they may use Wyrd to modify the dream or Empathy to learn about the person through their dream. Note: Changelings may use Incredulity to make modifications to their own Dreams just as in the Dreaming, however in other people’s Dreams they must use Wyrd to make changes because it is only through the power of the Wyrd that they can enter the Dream in the first place, using Incredulity would remove them from other person’s Dream.

Counterweaving: Rather than using Incredulity to dispel a cantrip a changeling may choose to counterweave if he possesses the Art used to create that cantrip. This is done using Lore and performing a bunk. If the counter-weaver achieves more successes than the caster on the cantrip the affect is dispelled, if not nothing happens. This only works of course if the character is aware of the cantrip.

Chimera: Creatures and objects of dreams are real to the fae, though they are invisible to everyone else. Some things, such as tokens or changelings or even freehold locations, have a chimerical appearance and a mundane appearance. The chimerical appearance of an object can not be a drastically different size than the mundane appearance. While other chimera would only see the chimerical appearance and mundane people would only see the mundane appearance a changeling can see both. Those whose Wyrd is higher than or equal to their Incredulity will the the chimerical appearance first and must roll Incredulity to see the mundane side, and vice-versa for those whose Incredulity is higher than their Wyrd.

Chimerical Damage: Chimera do real damage to things which they can affect and no damage to things they cannot affect. If a mundane person is present, though, the chimera cannot do damage because it would look to the mundane person as though nothing were causing the damage, which is impossible. However, to be clear, this doesn’t mean that wounds inflicted by a chimera will heal in the presence of a mundane person after the fact.

Banishing Chimera: Chimera can be destroyed by rolling Incredulity, the number of shifts on the roll deals that amount of damage to the chimera. A changeling using Incredulity this way incurs the usual penality for using Incredulity.

The Mundane: The “Real World”, the world of humans. Every scene that takes place here has the aspect “The Mundane” which can be invoked to give bonuses to Incredulity rolls and it can be compelled when characters have spent too much time in the mundane world to give them stress in their glamour track or cause them to gradually forget parts of their faerie life.

The Dreaming: The Dreaming is the world of the Unreal where everything that does not exist in the Real World (the mundane world) exists. Changelings may enter the dreaming through Raths, which are portals leading to paths in the Dreaming known as Trods. Raths are usually found at freeholds but could show up anywhere. They may be opened by spending a point of glamour. “The Dreaming” is also an aspect in every scene that takes place inside the Dreaming, it can be invoked to provide bonuses to Wyrd rolls but can also be compelled to force changelings who spend too much in the Dreaming to gradually forget their mortal lives (and related skills), or to force them to take mental stress or consequences.

Incredulity in the Dreaming: Incredulity can be used in the Dreaming to warp reality be disbelieving in it, much as a Lucid Dreamer does in their own dreams, or as Neo does in the Matrix. This change is usually minor and purely cosmetic, though more serious changes can be made with more shifts: minor changes such as enhancing an already existing ability, or changing something into something similar would take 1 to 3 shifts; 4 or more shifts would be needed to change something completely or give it ability unlike anything it possessed before.

Backlash: Anyone who uses Incredulity in the Dreaming will face backlash as the environment or denizens of the Dreaming suddenly become inhospitable to the offender. The weather may turn bad, or creatures, or even raw elements might attack the individual and anyone near them. The attack while have a modifier of +1 more than the number of shifts achieved on the Incredulity roll. Continued uses of Incredulity will add another +1 cumulatively for each additional use.

Cold Iron: Cold Iron represents Banality incarnate as such simply touching it causes the loss of glamour (one point instantaneous, the next one is lost after an hour and so on up the time ladder). Actually using Cold Iron causes the loss of fae powers and memory just like using the Incredulity skill. Cold Iron will bypass all magical protections when used as a weapon. It can be used to gain a free invoke when using Incredulity to banish chimera, break an enchantment or undo a fae art if it is touching the target of the Incredulity roll. Fortunately for the fae Cold Iron is particularly rare, other forms of iron do not usually have these properties.

The Basics

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