Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: A Mother for Dragons

Season 3: Episode 24

Fred and Blodwen are left alone in the clearing on the sacred isle. Blodwen still suffers from the burn on her belly but otherwise has a delicious feeling of power tingling through her body, and she is practically glowing. When they make their way back to Ygraine and tell her what happens Fred uses Soothsay and the sword that the assassin left behind in order to discover that Reah has been taken to the fortress of an ancient dragon named Phaeton, in a part of the Dreaming known only be a few changelings in Revel Grove. They decide to head back to Revel Grove to investigate and Blodwen uses her Metamorphosis art to disguise them all as satyres. Ygraine suggests they should leave Blodwen behind when they go to rescue Reah since they don’t want to risk her being taken by Galamord since she now has both the oracle and the essence within her.

Reah is brought before King Galamord in an enormous circular room with rough hewn black stone walls and a smooth black marble floor. Embedded columns rise up along with the walls which soar for many stories overhead into a cavernous cathedral like ceiling. At the far end of the room is raised dais with an enormous black dragon statue on it and Galamord is sitting on the dragon’s knee as if it was a throne. Seeing that Reah is naked Galamord commands his men to all turn away and offers to have someone go and get clothes for her. The servant brings back a shear black glittering gown of a gossamer type material. He flatters her and calls her his guest and invites her to dine with him, giving her the option of eating now or going to the suite he has prepared for her to refresh herself first.

Meanwhile Alonzo sails with Queen Lenore on his stolen ship Volf, Chief, Stephanie, Lady Celia, Baron Lackland, and Sally. Alonzo comforts Lenore with a bottle of fine brandy taken from the captain’s quarters on the ship and she accepts it gratefully. They find that they are pursued by an enemy warship so Volf scratches a rune into the ship deck enabling it to go faster, which Alonzo takes full advantage of as he expertly maneuvers the ship further and further ahead of the enemies and losses them for the time being. Lackland suggests that they should use the ship as bait to draw the enemy in if they are tracking it and position themselves to ambush anyone who comes onto it, and the Lenore agrees to the plan.

The feast is in a great hall, which is another cavernous, cathedral-like room with a long table set up in front of the fireplace carved into the wall The table is a smooth black stone and it is laid out with all kind of food one would expect to find at a medieval feast: pheasant, venison, all kinds of artisan bread, quiche, and other savory pastries, as well as fruit and vegetable platters. When the servants bring out the desert it is all manner of chocolate things: truffles, fudge, cookies, mousse, cheesecake and more. Along with the dessert a pair of gigantic scale-covered eggs are brought out and placed before Reah. Galamord tells her that the power within her will destroy if she does not channel it into something, so if she pours it out into these eggs she could potentially bring them back to life, and he would share one of the baby dragons with her and allow her to stay at the castle with him so that he could help her raise it.

Galamord then escorts Reah to her room to give her the chance to think her decision over. The suite is up several flights of winding stairs and down a long torchlit corridor of black columns and arches, the room has rough hewn onyx walls like the rest of the keep she has seen so far, and there is a high ceiling, with a single long window looking out at a vast black, rocky wilderness of sharp boulders and rocky crags stretching off to a range of enormous tooth-like mountains in the distance. From this vantage point Reah can tell she is in some kind of castle or keep. There is a bed and a boudoire in the room, both seemingly carved from the same stone as the room itself. The bed is tall and has curtains around it. There is a bathroom as well with a bubbling hot spring bath carved into the wall. If Reah tries to escape at all the room will respond to counter whatever attempts she might make.


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