Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: Dragonfire

Season 3: Episode 30

Alonzo decides to try to befriend the dragon and happens to know an old fable about a dragon/pooka friendship he thinks he can use to his advantage. Fred happens to have some dragon treats, since there is no such thing as being over-prepared, and figures they can help Alonzo. Tristan, however, tells him that trying to befriend a dragon is pointless and goes to look for a sword. As soon as he finds one he exchanges a look with Reah, and she, being a brave knight of House Fiona, draws her sword and goes with Tristan to fight the Dragon. They find the corridor at the top of the stairs filled with fire from the dragon’s breath and before they can do anything Alonzo rushes in and tries to speak with the dragon. The dragon, however, is on a rampage and shoots a gout of flame at Alonzo and catches him on fire.

Reah quickly summons up a rainstorm that fills the tunnel with a torrential downpour, puttint out all the fires and sending steam up from the hot rocks. Alonzo has suffered some second degree burns and lost most of his hair and skin, but he gets to his feet and begins walking towards the dragon. Tristan tries to stop him, but since he is determined Tristan summons a blue flame to wreath him and draw the dragon’s interest. The dragon comes forward out of the mist and looks at Alonzo curiously while Alonzo feeds it treats and asks for it’s help. When Blodwen lowers herself from Volf’s arms and painfully approaches the dragon, giving it an admiring look to help seal the deal. The dragon looks at them both in a friendly way and Alonzo asks it to bring them back to their airship. The dragon, understanding the word “air” sniffs and then turns and leads them up towards the main entrance.

The group runs along behind the dragon, and their is a boom from Chief’s charges going off beneath them, causing the ground to shake, the walls to crack, and pieces of the ceiling to begin falling. The group picks up the pace, dodging falling rocks, trying to keep up with the dragon. When the reach the main corridor leading to the exit the tunnel begins collapsing behind them and they have to run to avoid being buried. A chasm opens up the ground which Reah deftly leaps across and grabs Fred as she lands, pulling out of the way of a falling stone pillar.

As the crew runs out of the Dragonspire the entire mountainous keep is collapsing and they have to keep moving to stay ahead of the avalanche of falling rock and dust. All of Galamord’s men are assembled outside the gateway, but fortunately they begin to scatter when they see the dragon, which flaps its wings and takes to the sky so it can dive-bomb them. Alonzo calls out a thanks to the dragon and says if it ever needs anything it should look him up, then it lets out a triumphant roar and a gout of flame into the sky as a response and eats another one of Galamord’s troops. The crew hop aboard their stolen airship then and take to the skies.

Alonzo hugs Chief out of relief and finds Ygraine hugging him too, making him into a sandwich. He is weirded out by Ygraine’s affection for a moment until she gives his head a light smack and tells him he’s an idiot. Tristan tells Alonzo he did well, and the two become friends. Tristan then kisses Reah, which brings back her memories of their shared past together in the ancient world at the Trojan War. They sail over Ygrain’s Skysloop and she, Chief and Volf climb aboard and get it airborne. Volf finds Blodwen’s herbs and then swings back to Alonzo’s ship and helps Blodwen take them to the captain’s quarters to heal Alonzo. Reah asks Tristan about the kiss when they are alone on deck and he tells her he’s been wanting to do it for a long time, and they both remember how they had fallen in love at the battle of Troy when they had both been demigods.

After a day long voyage through the Dreaming the two ships come back to the Duchy of Chesapeake and the trod leading to the Duke’s family farm. Sally is sad to see everyone going because she must stay in the Dreaming since she has lived their for years and her mind is so full of bedlam she couldn’t handle the mundane reality without struggling with hallucinations and a possible mental breakdown. Instead of taking the risk she decides to stay with the ships again. Once they have said their goodbyes the crew has one other thing to figure out: what to do with Galamord. Lenore decides to spare Galamord’s life as long as he agrees to testify against the king, swear fealty to her, and allow himself to be imprisoned for life. Alonzo speaks to Galamord and he agrees to take the deal, to the chagrin of Tristan and Blodwen who felt he should have been killed for his crimes.


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