Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: Escape from Dragonspire

Season 3: Episode 29

Once clear of the rocks Blodwen passes out, Volf catches her and Baron Lackland removes his cloak to cover her. Alonzo suggests they get out of there while they can, but Reah remembers that Tristan is being held captive in the dungeon along with the survivor’s of the Queen’s Resistance Fighters. She doesn’t know the way, however, so Fred suggests that if they had anything belonging to Tristan they could use that to find his location. Reah happens to be still be wearing the cloak that Tristan gave her when she had the Planetary Essence and her clothes burnt away. Fred uses Soothsay to link the cloak to Tristan and it sticks out and points the way to him. Volf follows, carrying Blodwen while Baron Lackland and Princess Lenore guard the donkey that was King Galamord, and Ygraine grabs the dragon eggs.

She also directs the group to a secret path down to the dungeon where Tristan and Sir Danwyn are being kept. They first go down the main staircase leading down from the throne room and come to the large corridor at its base. From their they are led through a labyrinth of hallways and staircases going ever deeper downward. They do not meet with any resistance as the guards have cleared out at the sound of the dragon. However, the group does hear the dragon’s roar echoing down a nearby corridor and they realize that the dragon they made up has actually come to life.

They finally come to the last passage leading down to the dungeon and find it guarded, but Alonzo, with help from Chief, Ygraine and Baron Lackland manages to convince the guards that they are needed up above to fight the dragon and that they will guard the prisoners as they are too battle worn to fight anymore. The guards buy it, as do a second set of guards down at the bottom of the stairs, and they enter the dungeon through a pair of large oaken doors. As the group drew nearer to the dungeon the rock passageways had gradually become less like carved rooms and more like caves and tunnels and the dungeon itself is a dank, dark cave with dripping water and bars blocking off small alcoves where the prisoners are kept.

Reah uses all her glamour to manipulate the stone and send tremors through it that break the cells open. However, although Chief tries to direct her on where to break the stone and where not to, she ends up destabilizing the ceiling, and rocks begin to fall. Blodwen tries to use her power to stabilize the rocks, but she feels a pain in her gut that tells her if she uses it again it will kill the Oracle. Alonzo gives Reah more glamour, which she uses to temporarily stabilize the ceiling, so that stones aren’t falling on them, but enough have already fallen that the exit is now blocked. Tristan and Danwyn come out of their cells, as well as one of the centaurs who had fought along with Tristan. Danwyn and Lenore kiss, to Alonzo’s chagrin, but Tristan asks what they can do about the rocks.

Chief decides the send the rocks forward in the future, setting some charges on the rocks to go off with the casting of the cantrip and give him a better chance of success because of the careful timing required to make it go off. Using all of his glamour, as well as some of Blodwen’s and his own dross he is able to make the rocks disappear, but only for five minutes, at which time they will reappear and blow up the Dragonspire’s foundations. The group rush out, and as they run Tristan asks Reah about the donkey and she explains that it’s galamord. Before he has the chance to do anything, though, the dragon’s roar is heard in the passageway above them and the light of dragon fire is cast upon the walls of the stairwell they need to go up.


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