Alonzo Merryweather


Alonzo Merryweather is a Wolf pooka. His face is long like a wolf and he has sharp canines that flash when he smiles. His skin is covered with short deep bronze fur, and he has the pointed ears of a wolf. You will almost never see him without his “trademark” tricorn hat and leather duster. The duster and hat are both a deep blue nearly dark enough to appear black. When traveling he also has a brown leather pack that he straps to his back that holds everything he needs. (He tends to travel pretty light.) When he needs to fight he tends to draw his rapier, which he keeps on his person as often as able.


Alonzo grew up in foster care, and bounced from home to home in his youth. His parents had put him up for adoption, although he never knew why. He has no memory of his parents. He was lucky enough to have several well meaning and kind foster parents over the years. Through it all he never lost his sense of wonder at the world, and he loves exploring new places and seeing new things.

Having grown up in the Chesapeake bay area he learned a lot about boats. Over the years with various foster parents and at one of the local summer camps he became very proficient at everything from sailing to tying knots. Later after becoming a Changeling his knowledge of boats got him a place on an airship where he learned how they worked as well. He worked his way up in position on the Hawk, a small smuggling vessel captained by Henry Blood, a redcap, and eventually became the second mate.

Phase One – Your first adventure
Aspect – Don’t underestimate me in a fight

Shortly after his chrysalis he was discovered by a Troll who explained what was happening to him. He had thought he was starting to go mad and had gone to an Annapolis bar and was drinking his troubles away. By the time they left the bar they had become fast friends. As they were leaving they were jumped by a chimerical monster that looked a like giant spider. The spider attacked the troll first as he looked to be more dangerous, and quickly had him pinned to the ground. As the spider bent down to bite into the troll, Alonzo rushed in and struck a killing blow saving the troll from certain death. Unfortunately, there was a second spider…

Phase Two – Fred’s part in my story
Aspect – In the nick of time (Fred)

Fred walks up with a sawed off shotgun and promptly unloads into the second spider, blowing a large hole in it’s torso. Alonzo and his new friend are shocked at the timeliness of his assistance.

Phase Three – Blodwen’s part in my story
Aspect – Peace Maker

After killing the spiders Alonzo’s new troll friend and Fred introduce him to the Renn fest. They are talking about the spider attack and Blodwen catches wind of it. She believes that there must be more to the issue, perhaps something is causing the spiders to leave their home? She convinces them to track down where the spiders were coming from and find a larger monster who has displaced them due to it’s home being destroyed by banality. Blodwen arranges a truce between the spiders and the other monster so that they live together. This stops the spiders from attacking people randomly while trying to find a new home.

Alonzo Merryweather

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