Blodwen The Nymph


Long white hair and small antlers often adorned with jewels or other holiday and/or seasonal items. She has big doe green eyes and full red lips. Her fair skin is as paler freckles. If she’s not tending to an animal’s need she’s helping the grounds keep up their festive look and decorating in seasonal colors.


3 Years Ago
The Nymph ran water for the Queen’s bath. She had braided her long white hair back and a few poinsettias in her hair from Christmas and some frost glittering in her hair for the new year. There was a thud in the Queen Mad’s room, the nymph inched towards the door leading to do the bedroom. She covered her mouth and held back her scream as blood streaked across the floor. She looked up at her queen’s murders. She quickly darted back behind the wall trying to calm herself in enough to think. She had to get out of there. She quickly opened the window and sprung from it and into the tree. She scampered down as quickly as she could. Run, that’s all she knew she had to do right now. Had they been in the city, she could have gotten lost in the crowd. But up here in the mountains, there wasn’t much. Oh how she wished the had been able to grab a pair shoes. Then there was a blinding light as my feet hit a cold, smooth pavement from the road.

It’s been 3 years since her car accident in New York, but now she was a 23 year old, veterinarian college student, who has been seen at peaceful protest for animal and human rights. Though a little shy, she’s very friendly and polite. She’s gentle and caring and always on the look out for an animal to save or someone who needs some help. She has a hard time passing up a friend in need as well. At night she’d dream of a beautiful wood nymph. The more stressed she became the more real the dreams began to feel. Sometime she even begins to daydream about it during a long boring lecture in class or during a quiet time at work. How she longed to be that white haired beauty.

Phase One – Waking Up
Aspect – Which Life is Real?
Over summer break some friends invited her to go to the local ren fair with them. The place felt warm and inviting to her. So familiar. There was several points in which she thought she saw a fairy but then shook it off as a trick of the light. The liveliness of the place drew her in deeper to the grounds and away from the group where she found the barn. She wandered in and found herself staring at a real unicorn, no gimmicks about it. One who knew her name.

Phase Two – Cassandra’s Part
Aspect – A Guide in the Darkness

Cassandra steps out of the shadows to explain to Blodwen what is going on but then realizes she has not gone through a Chrysalis but is suffering from some kind of amnesia. From Blodwen’s confused murmurings Cassandra pieces together that Blodwen might have been a former acquaintance of Ygraine who had gone missing sometime ago. Cassandra offers to take Blodwen to see Ygraine.

Phase Three – Ygraine’s Part
Aspect – The Yelling will continue until Morale Improves

When Ygraine sees Blodwen she recognizes her as one of Queen Mab’s handmaidens from when she and Captain Starbuck had done some scouting in the Kingdom of Apples on behalf of Duke Maelgwyn. When the Queen had been murdered Ygraine had tried to get Blodwen out but lost sight of her as she was trying to dodge the guards, having been deemed suspicious as an outsider. She had sought Blodwen out later as a possible witness to Mab’s murder, but had not been able to find her. Ygraine is elated that Blodwen has finally resurfaced but is frustrated when Blodwen doesn’t seem to remember anything. Yelling at her, however, Ygraine applies just enough pressure to jar Blodwen’s mind and help her remember some of her past, though she still doesn’t quite remember if she saw the Queen’s murder herself or not, though. Ygraine then advises Blodwen to keep her past a secret, in case those involved in the Queen’s murder are still out to silence her on the chance she could expose them.

Blodwen The Nymph

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