Changeling: The Dreaming FATE

The Lost Princess: Hunters and Hunted

Season 3: Episode 26

Ygraine puts the ship down in a clearing in the Dreaming hidden from the guards at the entrance into Revel Grove. Ygraine, Blodwen and Fred head to the trod and leave the Dreaming and Arawn and Reah follow them at a safe distance to avoid being noticed.

In Revel Grove things are quiet since in the summer only the living history part of the village and a few shops are open. There are still a couple months before the festival with all its crowd drawing performances begins. Ygraine is sad to see that her shop has been closed and replaced by someone selling kilts, though, she says, it could be worse, more kilts in the world is always a good thing. A contingent of the king’s knights patrol the streets, making sure that everything remains quiet and free from Resistance activity after all the excitement the previous winter. When the group get to the castle the ask a guard to lead them to Duke Maelgwyn, claiming to be tinkers who came across some important information about Resistance activity in the Dreaming. They had hoped to speak with the Duke in private so they could tell him their true mission, but when they are brought in to meet with the Duke in his great hall they find he is joined by Sir Adamar, who has replaced Baron Lackland since he has gone missing. Adamar is suspicious of the newcomers, especially when they won’t share their news with him, but the Duke demands that Adamar allow him to deal with them. Adamar begrudgingly does what the Duke says, but threatens there will be repercussions if the Duke lets them leave without his approval.

The Duke leads them up to his office so that they can speak in private, but unbeknownst to them Arawn and Reah have already teleported into the castle and snuck up to the Duke’s office. To avoid being seen the two of them dodge into the next room, which is the Duke’s bedroom, and listen behind the door. Thinking they are alone Ygraine tells the Duke who they really are and when he doesn’t believe them at first she loses her temper and cusses him out, which then confirms her identity to him. He then leads her to the castle library where a record was kept of the dragon’s defeat and the location of his fortress, and they are followed there once again by Arawn and Reah. With a little searching they find the chart to the dragon’s lair, but Arawn jumps out from behind a bookshelf and grabs Blodwen and disappears. Ygraine and Fred corner Reah, but she is unable to help them, fearing that Galamord would kill Tristan as promised so she makes a potted plant flower to reveal herself and Ygraine gets the hint and leaves her alone. Arawn reappears and takes Reah back while Ygraine and Fred go back to ship to find something of Blodwen’s that they can use to track her. They find that Blodwen has indeed been taken back to the old dragon’s lair and they set sail for it using the chart they have taken from the Duke’s records.

Meanwhile Alonzo, Chief and Volf hide themselves among the trees with Princess Lenore, Baron Lackland and Sally. They watch as the enemy airship descends next to the stolen one they have left rigged with troops. The enemy troops lower themselves down by ropes but with a combination of Alonzo befuddling their senses and the traps laid by Chief and Volf the enemy are left dazed and disoriented so that Chief and rush at them and cast Chronos on them, sending them forward a week in time. With the majority of the enemy force subdued Alonze rushes out and climbs one of the ropes up onto the enemy ship, followed by Chief, the Princess and the Baron.

On the deck of the ship there doesn’t appear to be anyone so the Baron stands back and guards the Princess while Alonzo and Chief upon the door to the ship’s bridge. Here they find the remaining crew armed with old-fashioned, steampunk-style guns which they have pointed at them. Alonzo slowly puts up his hands and smiles at the enemy, calmly explaining to them why it would be better for them to surrender. In an attempt to play bad cop, Chief raises the rock he’s brought aboard and glares violently at the enemy but he only manages to scare them, not convince them to surrender. Alonzo, however, makes one final appeal to them to give up and the crew begin lower their weapons. The captain, though, does not wish to go down without a fight and fires at Alonzo, hitting him right in the chest. Chief manages to jump the captain and pin him down before he can get off another shot, but Alonzo collapses to the deck. The Princess comes in and tries to help Alonzo, but it is Chief who slows his bleeding. They manage to buy him some time, but if they don’t get him immediate medical help he will die.


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